Behind the CD with Biliana Tzinlikova

We take an insider look into what went on 'behind the CD' with pianist Biliana Tzinlikova!

Although the ideas for my CDs often appear as a bit of a surprise, this doesn't mean that there is no connection to me and my musician-being.

In the case of my newest Heller Variations CD, I used to love his melodic etudes when I was a pupil at music school. I didn`t play many of them, but the few I played, I liked very, very much. Sometimes there are invisible conections from the past to the future and we only realize later, that they have being there the whole time.

The same thing happenned with Heller: at some point while I was busy making the Hoffmeister CDs, I looked for Heller`s piano music. I knew, that he had composed many pieces for piano and I also knew, that people don`t know about this. The rest was nothing new after my Hoffmeister discoveries as I have already had experience along the way on how to look for 'not-famous' music:-).

Variations are one of my favorite music forms, because it gives so many possibilities to understand music. So I decided to record these 3 Variation Cycles.

The challenge while recording this CD was to create a bridge between the late Beethoven Variations and the earlier Variations Brillantes op. 5 and the even earlier Paganini Variations op. 1. I say "bridge" and with this I mean the recording sessions: it was difficult to make the "jumps" from one Cycle to the next.

Heller was a pianist, who was breathing deeply inside of his soul and body the piano "air" of the time: he was listening carefully to all of his colleages such as Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Berlioz etc. He composed exlusively for piano and was himself a very good pianist. The way he composes is delicate, smart and special, because he lets us hear all the aesthetic ideas of piano music from that time, but in his own style.

Perhaps the invisible connections that I have already spoken about make the recording shine in a special "colour".

You can buy the Heller Variations on Paladino Music here, the CD will also be available on Amazon and all good music shops! Follow and be a fan of Biliana Tzinlikova on her Hello Stage page!
Author: Biliana Tzinlikova
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Wolfgang Schweighofer - 2016-03-14 21:49
Eine ganz tolle Sache, Hoffmeister und Heller so schön zu interpretieren. Einzigartig. Gratuliere. Congratulations, LG Wolfgang
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