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The series continues - with a little composing contest! Read and enjoy...

One of the main reasons for starting our video series chamberTALK was our dissatisfaction about how people tend to use social media. Even how we used to do so.

Times in which classical musicians didn't know how to use the internet are over, our generation deals with it extensively for private and for business use.

But one thing still remains the same most of the time: people talk only about themselves. Posting concert dates, yet another selfie or posts about how much fun the last concert was is not enough. We all do it, it is legitimate, but mustn't be the end of the story.

To have a growing musical world for classical music why not share the things which really matter for yourself? At least that's what we would be interested to: the latest inspiring book you discovered, a funny picture, an awesome youtube video you stumbled upon, things you are working on behind the scenes. Or yes: an awesome artist or colleague who you want to support for a concert.

Aren't these the moments and reasons why we started and continue to do music, why arts fascinate us over and over again: this one concert which changed our life and revealed a lifetime adventure, this one video you think is inhuman or you can't stop dancing to, this one book you read in 6h without stopping...?

Share this with us, with your fans and show them this little spark of passion and love to set aflame their very own passion.

Arts may be for eternity but they mean life, a vivid process in the here and now, no rigid final product in a museum clean room. They mean hopes, dreams, doubts, ups and downs... Share those stories! And create a real #classicalbuzz!

Anyway, to come back to chamberTALK, here are the next two episodes. In episode 3 we tried to have a look behind what it means to have an ensemble and work intensely together for years on a daily base from a psychological view. And there is nobody else better to talk about that stuff than Prof. Friedemann Berger. He is a genius!

Episode 4 turned out to be totally different. We met Aleksey Igudesman in Vienna and tried to talk about the humorous side of making music. If you know Aleksey you can guess that this interview was crazy, so we had a saxy talk about lobsters in classical music, total world domination, violas, gay choirs… You have to watch it!

But at least with one thing he was seriously right: We need our own intro song! So let's just do it, let's start a little composing contest!


- Compose a 20 sec intro song with transitional ending
- in classical style (or cross-over)
- for a chamber music group of any kind (string quartet; piano trio; string quartet and saxophone; saxophone quartet, piano and violin; saxophone quartet, cello and percussion; piano trio and one saxophone; harp, cello and saxophone; or whatever you can think of)
- send it to mail@arcissaxophonquartett.de, as pdf, Sibelius or Finale file; please include a midi-, recorded or live-sampled file for better judging
- Deadline: April 30th
For the winner:

- we will record the winning tune and use it for our webseries
- you get free entrance to all our concerts
- you are invited to an aftershow party with lots of food and drinks (and we know how to have good parties ;) )
- and you get a professional package for Hello Stage for 1 year
Author: Claus Hierluksch
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