The Hello Stage Fan Module & Newsletter Explained

You will have by now noticed our brand new fan module, available on the right side of your Hello Stage page 'Register as a Fan for Free':

You might be asking yourselves: So what does this mean for my 'fans'? What happens after they register?

By registering as your fan on Hello Stage your fans will get to keep up with your upcoming news and events regardless if they visit your Hello Stage page often or not.
When they click of 'Register as a Fan' and enter their email details, they suscribe to a monthly newsletter generated by Hello Stage. The newsletter is made up of the news update and your upcoming concerts from your Hello Stage page - and reaches your fans in time for your next concerts directly, to their mailbox.

Why is reaching my fans via newsletter important at all?

People are busy!!! Don't underestimate this fact! By delivering what's important directly, you save someone the task of taking the time to look things up - anything that saves someone's time in a helpful way is a winner!

This is where a convinient monthly newsletter comes in, complete with concert dates and the news update of your choice. The upcoming events your enter while updating your Hello Stage page will be shown for the next 8 weeks - so you are giving your fans an 8-week schedule of your concerts, well in advance!

We all spend a fair amount of time on the web, scrolling through our social media feeds - even if we spot a great concert from our favorite artist, unless we make a note of it straight away, things tend to get overlooked or forgotten! If you post and event to your facebook page, or invite your friends, many will oversee it or maybe not get the information soon enough to be able to make plans and attend.

Do I have to send the newsletter to my fans? How do I know which news and concerts will be featured?

The newsletter gets sent out by Hello Stage - all you have to do is keep your Hello Stage page up to date.

You will recieve an email reminder from us, with a weeks notice and the exact date of when the newsletter will be sent out.

Go to you page settings, to the News.You can then upload a new entry or select the news update of your choice, just be sure to click on 'edit' and then on the 'Show on Fans Newsletter' as shown:
if you would like to add an existing news entry, go to 'Edit' and click on the mentioned box. You can only have 1 news entry per newsletter so make it count!

The events are generated from your upcoming events at the time of publishing, the newsletter will show upcoming events for the next 8 weeks!

Your fans will receive only 1 update per month - if you do not make any updates or add events, there will be none to show = no newsletter that month. So there is no risk of spamming your fans!

If you are happy with your Hello Stage page as it is, just select the news update of your choice and sit back as we do the work for you :)

Imagine the time YOU save along the way - newsletter services can be difficult to navigate, are quite expensive once you reach a certain number of suscribers and often very time consuming, not to mention nerve-wrecking for beginners! We provide the Fan Module service free of charge, for all Hello Stagers. Our passion is to help you spread your #classicalbuzz and enable classical musicians with useful tools and great and innovative ways of reaching their community - but we can't do it without your participation!

Share you Hello Stage page - whether it's through your social media feeds, your website, your calling card - send people an email asking for their support, enter your Hello Stage url in your email signature or send your phone contacts a quick sms with instructions. Regardless of our #1000fansforyou challenge, which is still on until the 31st March and waiting for an Americas-based winner to claim the Americas concert and other great prizes, such as Social Media Coaching Workshops and Newsletter writing tips!
Remember, fans are an asset - one of the biggest you can have!

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding the newsletter and fan module in the comments below! It would be great to use this post as an information hub for all of our members!
Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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