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The Arcis Saxophon Quartett have found a brilliant and entertaining way to talk about the fascinating world of chamber music - this series is highly interesting! Read all about it...

Sol Gabetta, Martin Grubinger, David Garrett, Anna Netrebko, Lang Lang...all of these artists are considered to be the brand names of the classical world. They provide us with a backstage view and insights into an artist's daily life through interviews, newspapers and their social media feeds.

But what about chamber music? It's considered as inaccessible, complex and elitist. But not even close! These are of course real people with all their hopes, doubts and dreams. Chamber music is our life and it is a true cosmos of fascinating, inspiring stories! A year ago we wondered, why not share all our passion with the community? No expensive equipment, no big producer company behind it. Just from the community for the community. And her we go:

In our new video series chamberTALK we meet them all: the most promising European ensembles, global super-stars and the great, old masters! Together we’ll discuss the main topics of chamber music, reveal the funniest and strangest stories of life in an ensemble and we might even uncover a couple of secrets from time to time.

We are super glad to cooperate with Hello Stage now and to hopefully reach even more people with our story.

For a start, you can watch two of the already four existing episodes:

Episode 1 with Hatto Beyerle (former Alban Berg Quartett) as we talk to the founding member and viola player of the Alban Berg Quartet. We spoke to him (or more precisely Hatto talked) about the early days of Alban Berg Quartett, the genesis of modern chamber music playing and thoughts on the young generation of ensembles. And his go at the the 'Sax Challenge' is just hilarious. In Episode 2 we spoke with the Danish piano Trio Vitruvi on the topic of presence and communication on stage. Are they natural performing talents or do they rehearse every detail of moving and facial expression? Does one have to go deep into the emotional level of a piece to really transport the meaning also by stage communication?

Remember: on the first of every other month there will be a new episode of chamberTALK.

Always new, always different!

One thing, however, will never be missing: our SaxChallenge!

To never miss an episode, follow us on Facebook , on our youtube-Channel or on Hello Stage!
Author: Claus Hierluksch
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