The Final Concert in Taipei

The final concert and the adventure before - thank you to Maria Radutu for taking us on tour!

And again, it’s time to practice, concentrate and get back to my rhythm. Although the Steinway for the concert is free, I am not allowed to try it out, not even for 15 minutes, so I get back in my room without windows and with a never-ending air conditioning. After a couple of hours, I go for a walk to find something to eat and the contrast couldn’t be bigger. Both buildings, the National Theater & Concert Hall look the same, in between a big open place.
On the side there is a mausoleum for the first president of Taiwan and in front of it, an immense tent for a fair dedicated to Frozen, the ice princess. My daughter would have loved it! Because of the 34 degrees and one of the last days of the New Year vacation, the whole place was crowded, especially with a lot of kids with very happy faces. 3 years old girls were ready to wait in the line for more then one hour to get into their beloved fairytale.

I was still hungry and trying to find something vegan, without taking a seat in a restaurant alone, is not that easy. I stumbled upon some kind of a shopping mall with food on the ground floor and clothes upstairs. When I entered the food area, I could see that the people were looking surprised. I looked around and realized that I was the only tourist in the whole mall, a place where they wouldn’t expect it. Even if it smelled fantastic, I didn’t try to order something because all tables were full.

It was impossible the change my practicing time which was decided in October, so on that day, I didn’t even see the other musicians. When they came to the hall, I had to go.

The next day, my final concert on the project. The piano was fantastic, as well as the sound of the hall. Because of the unexpected flight problems, a lot of members of the orchestra had some really tough days behind them. It was amazing to see how professional, flexible and cooperative the musicians of the RSO and the members of the management were. When the music started, every single one of them gave the best and it was a great experience to play together on stage. The audience welcomed us as warmly as in Bangkok - 2 encores and a lot of applaus afterwards. The room for the autograph session had one of the nicest tables I have ever seen:

Despite of the rain, people were waiting to get a signature outside, one lady even had a violin and she wanted Cornelius Meister and me to sign on the wood, next to Hilary Hahn’s signature.

It got late, we reached the hotel at midnight when most of musicians already had dinner, so we started running to find an open restaurant. We didn’t, but the soup we ate on the side of the street was the best I got in Taipei - less glamour then during the evening, but not less exciting. Today, the orchestra has left to Japan and I have my flight to Vienna again. It was hard to say good bye and to look how the buses are leaving towards the airport, but being part of this tour has given me a lot of new impressions that I can take with me in the future.

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Author: Maria Radutu
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