The #1000fanschallenge Explained & More!

All you need to know about the winners, tactics, further prizes and more as we present this exciting challenge!

We have certainly had an exhilarating February so far - in only 7 days, two Quartets - the Arcadia Quartet and the Alauda managed to get over 1,000 fans on Hello Stage!

The winners showed remarkable persistence and got very creative in thinking up ways to get fans; from the obvious, like sharing across social media repeatedly, asking friends to share their posts and calling up or texting friends personally to thinking up witty posts to help spread the word to the very creative; a very determined HelloStager promised to shave his beard once he reached 500 fans! (yes, Antonio, we are looking at you - with no beard thanks to your efforts and many more fans since ;)!

Really dedicating time to building up your fan-base is, however you look at it, a win win situation for you. Fans are important to the development of your career - every fan you make is a supporter who will possibly buy the tickets to your next show and genuinely enjoy your music! We know that the thought of reaching out on such a large scale can be a little intimidating - but we will also let you in on a little secret; that's how everybody feels at first and we are always here to support you with tips or a little push on social media if you need it. Last week I wrote a post with practical tips on how to get fans and why they matter - let that inspire you for a start. As an additional boost, we will give everyone who reaches 100 fans a free 6-month PRO package on Hello Stage as a little thank you for your efforts and a toi toi toi for reaching even more fans!

The challenge is not over yet though - we are still waiting to see who manages to win the concert in the Americas, and you have enough time until the 31st March to share you Hello Stage page and reach out to your friends, family and professional network for support - last week we wrote a post full of practical tips help to get you there. The prizes below are also still waiting to be claimed!

How many times have you posted a major event or update onto you Facebook and co., held your breath in anticipation, expected a lot of feedback and interaction only to discover that few people actually saw the post in the first place?
Facebook filters up to 90% of your posts so that only 10% of your friends and followers see it initially.
How many times have you invited someone to your concert only for them to overlook the event among many others?

This happens to most of us on a regular basis. Information on the web flows fast and timing is everything, if you happen to see the right post at the right time you might engage or at least be informed. There are tips and tricks that can help you navigate the web and plan a social media strategy that works for you - with this in mind we have decided to award the first 3 Hello Stagers who crack the 750 fans mark with a complete Social Media workshop, we will even personally write your first newsletter for you and your fans and you will get 3 years PRO membership on Hello Stage!

So how do you overcome these hurdles, and get the attention you deserve?

Simple, you write a newsletter :)

Or better yet, we write it for you and send it to your fans, based on what you upload onto your Hello Stage page.

Once a month, fans that subscribe to your newsletter will be notified of upcoming concerts and an update of your choice, of course you get to review the newsletter first! How do you write a good update, what should you post in your news? Which stories engage fans the most and what should you avoid? 5 lucky Hello Stagers who manage to crack the 500 fans mark of our challenge will each receive newsletter writing tips as well as a 1-year PRO membership on Hello Stage!

As you can see, the business of acquiring fans is very well worth your while - I have said it before, i will say it again; a fan-base is one of the most valuable assets a modern musician can have :) - so make sure you get ahead and nurture yours!

A short summary of the prizes of the 1,000 Fans Challenge

A musician or ensemble with up to four members who first reach 1,000 fans in Europe (won by the Arcadia and the Alauda Quartet): - 1 concert organized and promoted by HELLO STAGE
- 1 personal newsletter and social media coaching

A musician or ensemble with up to four members first reach 1,000 fans in the Americas:
- 1 concert organized and promoted by HELLO STAGE
- 3 personally written newsletters to their fan base
- 1 personal newsletter and social media coaching

The first 3 members to hit 750 fans:
- 3 personally written newsletters to their fan base
- 1 personal newsletter and social media coaching

The first 5 members to hit 500 fans:
- 1 online social media and newsletter writing workshop
- 1 personal newsletter and social media coaching

Members can only claim one prize. The highest number of fans counts.

All members having at least 100 fans:

All prizes will be presented after March 31st!

Nina K Lucas is a pianist, sound creative, yoga teacher, Belgrade girl, chocolate lover, foodie & your Community Manager on HELLO STAGE! "I love what I do - managing this fantastic community - thank you all for being such an inspiration! :)" Follow Nina on Twitter and Instagram - you can also always reach out to her at nina@hellostage.com.

Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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