Surprise in Taipei...

Dive into a colourful world full of surprises with pianist Maria Radutu in Taipei!

Thinking that Bangkok was full of adventures was nothing compared to what was going to come. We arrived at the airport and two musicians told us that the plane was already gone. We laughed about the good joke in the morning. It was no joke. 85 people stuck in Bangkok at the airport during the Chinese New Year. I was one of 17 lucky to get a ticket for the next plane.

With some delay, we reached Taipei in the evening, not knowing when the others would find their way there.
Because I had no room for practicing the next day until the evening, we went to the Taipei 101 Tower, which was, until 2007, the highest tower in the world. The elevator reached floor 88 in 37 seconds! We walked until the 91st floor, which stands at almost 400m (the tower is 508m high).
The most impressive construction was the huge golden ball who keeps the building in balance. On the 91st floor, you can find a lot of shops selling jewellery, gifts and a lot of other stuff made out of semi-precious stones. Normally, I don’t like these typical gift stores, but they had a lot of globes made out of this stones. They were colorful, creative and extremely beautiful!

In the evening, I finally got my practicing room in the National Concert Hall. While walking for little bit in the break, I saw the huge poster announcing the concert on the whole front of the concert hall.

I was still astonished about the size of my head on it, when I heard someone behind calling my name. I turned around and: here she was, Katrina Tang, a former fellow student from the class of Stefan Vladar at the University in Vienna. I was so surprised, that I even forgot to ask how it came about that she was there in that minute (it was 8:30 PM, no concert and the place was almost empty). Both happy to see each other, we arranged to meet during the next few days. days. What a small world!

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Author: Maria Radutu
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