Practical Tips for Reaching 1000 Fans

The #1000fansforyou challenge is on - and it is really exciting! Here are some practical tips for reaching the goal!

Classical music professionals, let me pose you a question; who buys the tickets for your concerts?

I assume that this is the reason why you got into classical music - you discovered something inside yourself at an early age. A talent, a need and a desire to express that talent through music, your instrument is an extension of yourself and you long to be on stage, sharing your passion with the rest of the world...

So what does it take to get you there?

You have already done your bit - years of practicing, you have the degrees to prove it and now it is about making your profession work for you on many levels; from your personal quest, striving to fulfil your art through to being able to make a living from your profession.

The people that come and see and see your shows, the ones that regularly click, like and comment on your facebook or twitter post, the people who have supported you along the way and who would go out of their way to help you make it, those are the people that are going to get you there; they are your fans. So how do you get to 1000 fans?

1. Use the power of the web - share your Hello Stage page with a very clear message of what you would like from your supporters - facebook, twitter, instagram - whatever works for you. Repetition is key, but do try to find a tempo both you and your followers and comfortable with...

2. Utilize the contacts on your phone! Send everyone an sms, Whatsapp or Viber message asking them for support!

3. Do you have a mailing list? Get in touch with the Hello Stage team and send us an excel sheet with the email addresses - we will be happy to upload them for you!

4. Word of mouth is still one of the very best means of spreading the word - talk to people! Tell them about the challenge, what you would like to play, how you picture the concert - if you can awaken someone's imagination and tell them a story that they would love to experience, you have won yourself a true fan!

5. Do you have an upcoming concert? Maybe you can include your Hello Stage page in the program and ask people to sign up as a fan if they enjoyed the concert...ot at least tell people about the challenge when they come to say congratulations backstage...

6. Get your nearest and dearest to spread the word through their online activities and personal interactions! You would be surprised at how effective this snowball effect can be...

7. Maybe you have a website or a blog where you can write about the Hello Stage challenge and would it would mean to you if you won...

8. First impressions matter - make sure you have a decent photo and at least one video that you can share on your Hello Stage page; if someone came to your page and is taking the time to look at it, they want something to see and hear!

A fan base is one of the most valuable assets an artist can have. You have worked so hard to get to where you are now - go the extra mile and invest in your supporters, they are the ones who will be inspired after a wonderful concert. We understand how important this is, so tag us on Facebook to get your post shared, use the #1000fansforyou on twitter so that we can re-tweet it and reach out to us if you need any further tips or have any questions on reaching your fans.

If you have any further questions, let us know in the comments below - remember you have until the 31st of March - the first artist to reach 1000 fans wind a concert - we will be doing a concert for Europe and one for the US! The winner also gets a social media workshop. Runners up receive a social media workshop and newsletter writing tips...we can't wait for the concerts and most importantly, we are thrilled to see so many of you take up the challenge and start to work on building up your fan base - each fan will receive a newsletter once a month about your activies, concerts, news...they will always be up to date. How great is that?

Nina K Lucas is a pianist, sound creative, yoga teacher, Belgrade girl, chocolate lover, foodie & your Community Manager on HELLO STAGE! "I love what I do - managing this fantastic community - thank you all for being such an inspiration! :)" Follow Nina on Twitter and Instagram - you can also always reach out to her at nina@hellostage.com.

Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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