My First Day in Bangkok

Maria Radutu tells us about her first day in Bangkok - markets, street food and colorful shoes!

Rubinstein was often speaking about the risks of “overpracticing”.

Well, this was the last devise I had in my mind after landing in Bangkok. I just wanted to freshen up and then search for the security I feel when in front of the piano. Of course, nobody expects the musician to go to the hall after a long flight, so I found myself in a beautiful hotel suite with the last words of the driver still ringing in my ears “I wish you a great day off!”.

After 2 hours of circling through the room, too exhausted after the flight to be able to find a solution and too nervous to get a rest, I finally reached a friend from the orchestra. His instrument was also on the way to Bangkok so we “accepted” that we cannot work at the moment and went for a long afternoon walk.

It’s an amazing city! Because of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, some markets are closed, looking abandoned with all the products packed in giant plastic bags and the ones in the center are full of people. There are exciting smells of food at every corner, coming from huge cooking bowls, in some of them it was impossible to imagine what is actually inside, but something tells you that it has to be delicious. The merchants on lunch break were sitting on the ground in circles eating and talking to each other. In the middle of everything, surrounded by thousands of voices, colors, running kids and all that food, you could have a foot massage.
On the other side of the street, you find a fancy shopping mall where you can find everything you are used to buying in Europe. The only difference is that the shoes are not beige-brown, red and black, but also yellow, pink and green. I couldn’t resist to the temptation and got my new “Hello Stage” orange stage shoes.

I thought the crossing a four-way street without a traffic light is quite the adventure, but on the way back, I had to decide between the bridge with a barking dog, or going over the railroad tracks.

The tracks won!

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Author: Maria Radutu
Comments [2]
Bernhard Kerres - 2016-02-08 22:41
I love the orange shoes :)
Bettina Mehne - 2016-02-10 14:35
me too!!!!!
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