Why Should I Bother About Fans?

We, at HELLO STAGE, have just introduced the Fan Module. Classical music fans can now follow their favorite musicians, ensembles, orchestras and venues. They will be kept up to date with upcoming concerts, exciting news, recent releases and much more.

Why should you bother about it?

Put yourself in the shoes of a classical music fan who loves Shostakovich, Martin Grubinger and Renaissance Music. Quite eclectic. This fan will be dumped by marketing material from concert halls, opera houses, festivals, orchestras etc. Finding what interests them is like finding a needle in a haystack. Do you want to take the chance that your concert is buried in thousands of other bits of information irrelevant to your fan?

From friends who like classical music, I often hear the complaint that they just read a review of a concert they actually wanted to go to. But it was two days ago. A friend recently told me that he has given a lot of money at a charity for a conductor’s opera house. When the conductor returned to the city to conduct my friend was not even notified.

Another thought. Have you done a crowd funding campaign for a recording or a project recently? Or are you planning one? If you cannot reach out to your fans and to a growing fan base how will you be able to achieve your financial goals?

The new Fan Module on HELLO STAGE changes all that. People can now follow their favorite artists, orchestras and venues. They will get a monthly newsletter with relevant information for them. Later they will even have their own portal on HELLO STAGE with information about the music and the musicians they are interested in. We believe that this is another step in increasing audiences for classical music.

Yes, social media adds to that. But did you know that your Facebook posts are seen mostly by less than 80% of your friends? Facebook filters content extremely. And your Tweet might be lost in hundreds of others on a fast moving time line. So, social media is a good support for reaching out to fans but it cannot be our main tool.

What you need to do? – Invite your friends, family and fans to sign up as a fan on your HELLO STAGE page. Keep your information on HELLO STAGE up to date. Ensure that you add all upcoming events and news at least once a month. We will take care of the rest.

And yes, if you are the first to reach more than 1,000 fans before March 31st, 2016, we will organize and promote a concert with you! Let’s spread the #classicalbuzz!
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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