Moritz Gnann

We were lucky to catch conductor Moritz Gnann for an Orange Twist this week!

We all know HELLO STAGE’s favorite color! What’s yours?


What was the best advice a teacher ever gave you?

The opposite is also true.

How has your practice changed with time?

I study new scores at the piano, so I can try out different ways of interpreting the musical structure. I also listen to recordings. As a student I used to prefer more recent recordings, especially for works from the classical period. Today it seems that I learn the most from listening to old recordings of great maestros.

What do you think is the most important trait of a successful artist in today’s modern world?

Curiosity and self-criticism.

How much time do you spend every day on Facebook, twitter, and which other ways do you use to promote yourself?

15 minutes a day.

Moritz, you are Kapellmeister at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and recently gave your debut at the Staatsoper in Dresden. Why did you decide to go back to assisting at the Boston Symphony Orchestra?

The Assistant Conductor position with the BSO is one of the most prestigious ones worldwide. I couldn’t be luckier to have been offered it. Not only do I get to cover many programs and observe rehearsals with great conductors, I will also conduct this wonderful Orchestra in a concert at Tanglewood as well as in subscription concerts at the Boston Symphony Hall. I certainly don’t consider it at all to be a step back, it is a big step into the future!

Having focused on opera repertoire in the past years, I am now very happy that I have found my way into the symphonic world. But I love opera and I will continue to do both.

What’s the difference of the European and the American way of starting out as a conductor?

Probably in the German speaking countries the focus is very much on a piano based approach to conducting. There are so many opera houses that offer young repetiteurs the chance to make their first professional steps. That is how I started. In America on the contrary it seems that you are thrown into the deep end and your first steps into the profession are more likely to be in a symphonic environment - either as assistant conductor or on a freelance basis.

You live between Berlin and Boston. Whats the best place to grab a bite and a coffee in each of those cities?

In Boston: Render Coffee on Columbus Ave.
In Berlin: Maxway Coffee on Maaßenstrasse.

On a Sunday afternoon you are listening to…

I love the silence of a Sunday afternoon!

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Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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