The Brand New Booking Tool - The Promoter’s Perspective

This article is truly your most valuable toolbox! Bettina explains our brand new booking tool - watch out for the upcoming Artist's Perspective!

Your first thought: „Yet something else we need to observe and look at - our day is busy enough and the email is overflowing as it is …“

Well, the booking tool will actually help you to slim down your overflowing inbox!

It allows you - as well the musicians or their managers - to have a transparent overview of the whole booking process. Everyone knows where they are with a certain engagement. It makes the whole discussion so much more efficient and transparent. And it stores all the information in one place - emails flying back and forth, needing to be filed away into project folders, are eliminated - everything already is in the right place.

Musicians on HELLO STAGE with a Pro Membership can choose if they would like to use the new tool - so if the Artist or Ensemble you discovered has the „book this artist“ button on their profile page, make use of it and click to get the discussion started!

A form will open up and you can send over the basic information about the concert you are planning to enquire about the artist’s availability - also giving alternative periods. Already, in this first step, you could ask for a specific programme or for suggestions, distinguish between a recital, opera, chamber music or symphonic concert . You can let the artist know that it is a firm offer or if you would only like to know if she/he is free in principle. And of course their is space to type in any comment you might like to send along as well. There is also a box for your fee suggestion - which of course can stay blank as most people in the industry would like to enter this conversation much later. However, the booking tool works for private enquieries too, such as weddings, reception etc. - a fair share of musicians and ensembles on HELLO STAGE are just starting out and will appreciate also these engagements; here fee discussions are much more straight-forward as we know….

The Ensemble/Musician (or indeed their managements) will come back to you with to either agree or make a counter-offer on all points. Instead of emails going back and forth you can both go online again any time and see where your discussion stands. You have different threads for dates, repertoire, the fee and it’s conditions (broadcasts, travel expenses etc.) and additional notes.

Every time one of the parties adds a new piece of information, the other is notified in the booking list and the news is highlighted for an easy find. Apart from asking for the initial date, you can fill in the whole schedule for the engagement to be 'okayed' by the artists, including any interview or reception you might ask her/him to attend. Once settled on the programme and the time of the concert, you can add this to the period section and tick that all is confirmed - this can be turned into an event on HELLO STAGE for your promoter profile as well as on the artist’s one. Of course you can set a publishing date to it as well, so no premature publishing online will happen.

You will also find the following sections on your HELLO STAGE dashboard: Venues and Projects. Your concert hall or festival might have different venues where your concerts take place - you can list all of them here including rehearsal rooms etc. and than pick and choose from them when sending the artists/ensemble the schedule, which will enable them and you to simply work from it once the concerts are happening.

The section Projects gives you the opportunity to group all your artists inquiries for a certain project together. So in case you are planning to do all of Schubert's piano sonatas with various pianists, you can create a project folder here. Or in case you are an Orchestra and planing all Beethoven symphonies with different conductors again it can be grouped together here for easy access. Simply create the folder and when sending the booking request you can add the folder name. The Projects sections will give you an overview who you already approached for what.

You an also upload files to the new tool - and easy way to attach a stage plan, signed contracts (we are working on a button which will generate all conditions for the contract too) or any documentation you would like to send each other or keep safe together with the engagement. So everything needed for one engagement is neatly in one place only! Doesn’t that sound most appealing? Much nicer than wading through x number of emails trying to find the footnote in which the artist agrees to doing this interview, or to prove to them that you indeed had sent them (i.e. their manager) the vital information that your concert is taking place at an open-air venue. (You think I am kidding - well it happened to me during my time at the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie - a singer in her thin, long white dress trying to cope with the weather conditions of the summer in North Germany did not want to leave her dressing room (read: tent) to waddle through the mud onto the stage of our beloved festival „Sommer in Lesmona“ unless I would showed her written proof that I had told her management that we were going to force her to perform life through a rainy 15°C summer evening. Needless to say, once she was on stage she had a fantastic time with the wonderful orchestra and the most amazing audience filled the park… I am sure you all have similar stories! )

One more important thing: HELLO STAGE is not on the way to becoming an artist management company! We are simply providing a tool supporting artists, ensembles, managements, promoters and the industry over all. We highly value the amazing work many management friends are doing in developing the career of artists. We cannot provide for that, but we can support them in doing so as well as to support the ones who are managing themselves.

Information overload? I am sorry - just go online and try it and you will see how easy it all is!

Bettina Mehne manages the relationships with Artists, Ensembles, their Managements as well as Promoters on HELLO STAGE. She toured Orchestras around the world, worked for London and Germany based Managements, took care of Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen as their Artistic Manager and headed the Artistic Planning at the Wiener Konzerthaus for six seasons. Follow Bettina on Twitter - you can also always reach out to her at bettina@hellostage.com
Author: Bettina Mehne HELLO STAGE
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