Klemens Sander

We are lucky to talk to the Austrian baritone Klemens Sander this week as he shares his passion for Schubert, his favourite recordings and his superb tips for dining in Vienna!

We all know HELLO STAGE’s favorite color! What’s yours?

I love green in every shade. Being outside in the nature calms me down – that´s why I am also a passionate gardener and "fruit arborist". And – what a nice coincidence – green is also the central color in "Die schöne Müllerin" which I recently recorded for a CD.

What was the best advice a teacher ever gave you?

"Be yourself in everything you do and don´t care about what others think of you. Always try to find your own personal way of making music."

How has your practice changed with time?

I think that I have learned to work in a more effective way. I try not to waste anymore time listening and enjoying the things that are already working well, but rather to concentrate on technical challenges.

Also, since I have my own students, I have a different view on practicing. While I am teaching them, I am somehow teaching myself – things get a lot clearer when you try to explain them to somebody.

What do you think is the most important trait of a successful artist in today’s modern world?

I think being an artist in the modern world is harder than ever. Trying to be a good artist today is only maybe 50% of the job. The other 50% is promoting yourself, speaking to people – be it promoters, agents or fans – designing new and unusual programs and spreading the word via the (social) media. This is sometimes quite stressful and in my opinion sometimes takes too much time away from making good music and develop artistically. But it is essential.

How much time do you spend every day on Facebook, twitter, and which other ways do you use to promote yourself?

Fortunately I have some help regarding my website and social media channels – but still I spend about 1-2 hours a day just on this. And maybe another 1-2 hours on writing emails, speaking to people, thinking of new programs and ways to promote them.

Klemens, tell us about more your upcoming CD, with Uta Sander, which you are crowd-funding, "Die schöne Müllerin" :)

I have always been a passionate Lieder singer. As a young musician, for long years I just did'nt dare to add another recording of the great Lieder works to the already existing excellent all-time recordings by artists like Wunderlich, Dieskau or Gerhaher. But finally I realized that there is always room to present a totally new view on the great song cycles and that it can still be interesting to take the audience with me on my personal journey through Schubert’s musical cosmos.

In 2013, I recorded Schwanengesang with Justus Zeyen, which was a great experience and highly satisfactory for me and showed me that there is a deep interest from the audience for a completely new view on Schubert. In my Schubert interpretation I always try to make the essence of the composition audible and make it come alive. I like to keep things plain and simple, try not to do too many 'around' things.

For the Schöne Müllerin recording I am happy that my wife, Uta Sander, an exceptional pianist that feels Schubert´s music the same way that I do, and I worked together on the cycle, we gave several concerts and in the end recorded together. Sometimes it was not easy, because when you are also connected in private life, it can be hard to work together in a professional way. Both parties criticize the other person in a different, a lot more direct way, than you would criticize a person you are not sharing your private life with and it is very hard not to take things too personally. But after this, at times hard way, of working on our interpretation, it is now a cheering experience to hold our recording in our hands.

The result is – I think – a reduced and at the same time devoted version of one of the most beautiful and challenging lieder cycles ever.

How long did it take you to prepare your crowd-funding campaign and what has been the biggest challenge so far?

Hm, that´s hard to say. Uta and I did most of it together. I think the main things for the campaign took about 2 weeks to prepare; writing the texts, thinking about the rewards, calculating all the costs, choosing the pictures (thank you Nancy Horowitz!) and the design. It was also a lot a great effort to produce the video (thank you Olivier Grascoeur!), to build a website with details and audio samples about the CD (thank you Uta!) and of course to spread the word about the crowd-funding campaign once it was running.

We did a lot on Facebook and via my newsletter, but s there is still a need to spread the word. We were also very happy that Hello Stage supported the campaign with posts and recommendations on Facebook and by embedding the crowd-funding campaign onto my Hello Stage Webpage.

We are curious, do you have an all-time favorite recording?

That´s the most difficult question! I like a broad variety of music so there are many, many different recordings I love, of different types of music - be it classical concert repertoire, opera or jazz.

For example, my little four year old son now listens to the hits of Queen and to Vivaldi´s/Piazzolla´s Eight Seasons by Gidon Kremer every night when he goes to sleep because these are outstanding recordings for me, among many others. But, believe it or not, I don´t have THE all-time favorite recording that is on top of all of the others for me. There´s just too much good music out there! Also, I prefer to listen to live concerts – and I hope my Müllerin-CD inspires some people to come to one of my Lied recitals :-)

Where is the best place to eat in Vienna?

I like it simple :-) I like going to the „Heurigen“ where you can eat good and basic food and drink good fresh wine. There are many good places in the 19th district, two of my favourite in summer are Feuerwehr Wagner or Werner Welser. I also just discovered a phenomenal place this summer, a short drive just outside of Vienna close to the Neusiedler See: Gut Purbach. The most delicious food is cooked by a young and inventive chef, with fantastic wine and a very special ambiente!

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Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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