Barbara Zalasnik Matos

There is always a story behind the desicion to make a CD, in the first of a new series on Hello Stage, in which we invite you to share your Behind The CD story, violinist Barbara Zalasnik Mato tells us about her moving motivation...

My CD is dedicated to my father, who passed away in 2013.

I was born into a musical family of five children, four of us are academic musicians, three violinists and one cellist. Since I remember, and that is from my early childhood, my wish has been to become a professional violinist. Fortunately, my dream has become true. Many thanks go to my father, to whom I long a lot and who was sacrifing himself on my way to profession. I can’t count all the hours he spent in his car waiting for me, in front of my music school, to finish my violin lessons. He was a great classical music enthusiast.

Therefore, I come up with the idea to dedicate this CD to him.

He followed me on my musical career with love and patience. Two years ago, when my father was terminally ill, I told him about my decision and explained about the CD. I think this was my responsibility to honour him.

Music is my great passion. My special attention goes to two great composers: Mozart and Paganini. I have read their biographies; I find their life stories very inspiring. Therefore I feel close; intimate, with them. I always try to get the message of the composer's time across when I perform their works. I feel the magic when I enter the time of their lives.

Anyway, I love to play different music styles, including contemporary music. Tracks that I have chosen for the CD are very close to my heart. All tracks were recorded live at my solo recital, which gives the music a special charm. I performed Sarasate's Navarra as a soloist with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, where I was employed for eight years.

I think it is a great blessing that I was given a chance to recreate the music of those great masters. Now I’m dedicated to an independent musical career. I wanted to give the audience a piece of the composer's soul and glory with this CD. These are eternal masterpieces of classical music. I hope the listeners of my CD are going to feel the joy and beauty of these masterpieces.

My purpose is going to be fulfilled.

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Author: Barbara Matos
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