Impressions and Thoughts About My Crowd Funding Campaign - 4 days Before it Ends.

Read Marianne's honest opinion and very real live experience of what it really means to try and crowd-fund your dream...

My first thought : sooo much work.

Second thought: worth it!

My campaign: "Bach me up!" on Indiegogo, 20 000 € with a flexible goal (that means you don't lose out at the end).

To finance: the recording, the production and post-production of a digibook with 2 CDs including a publication about a discovery I made in the Bach suites and a professional video.

The +

You don't have to boost your campaign, that's a big + when you are in my financial situation after one year off, working only onmy Bach research and recording project!

You don't put pressure on all your friends/family/backers everyday saying "please help me, I am going to lose everything if you don't give me money ".

The -

Some people like the feeling of suspense; in a flexible campaign backers don't have the feeling of 'saving' you from a tragic ending which might lead to you lose some backers.

People don't feel that they HAVE to help you (and that's a + for me, but it can be a – for the numbers).

I decided to go for a crowd funding campaign after getting some advice on this subject by Hello Stage. I saw the campaign of other Hellostager's this year and it all went well and so, even if it was not my idea at first, I thought I would give it a try.

As of today 28/10 11:30, I have had 4447€ and I am extremely proud of it. Proud of my 71 backers and proud of those countless hours I have spent on this campaign. When I look at the number of backers I have, I see that I have already recieved more backers than most of the other crowd funding campaigns out there, with Jasmine Choi and 135 backers coming in first followed by Maria Weiss with 94 backers. That's a very important point, because crowd funding is part of your marketing campaign, you start promoting your recording before it is released.

Thanks to "Bach me up!":

  • I got people from the classical and baroque world interested on my discovery.
  • I could share this amazing Bach journey with a lot of people and I received wonderful feedbacks.
  • I got people who had never bought a CD of Bach's music sending me messages saying that after reading my campaign they want to get into Bach's beautiful world too. What a joy for me. What is success in music? Isn't it reach people's hearts and their soul?
For the next couple of days, I hope the numbers will keep rising so it will be easier for me to make this project and discovery to blossom the way it deserves to. I am in the process of making the master now.

And who knows, at the end I might go back to my first initial idea and try to get a label interested in having the first version of the Bach suite following my discovery, with my publication in the booklet, instead of having to take on all of the production and distribution costs myself ... (I have some sound ready if you are interested ;))

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Marianne Dumas is a french cellist and teacher currently based in Berlin, where she is busy recording her upcoming Bach CD (what else;)). You can follow her journey and keep up with her musical adventures on her HELLO STAGE page!
Author: Marianne Dumas / edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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