Wednesday's Weekly Top 5! September 23rd

Pianist, composer, conductor and narrator - Hyung-ki Joo is truly an artist that wears many hats ( as we can see ;)! His recent musical achievements include his new single, which is available on itunes; Borodin-Blumenfeld: Polovtsian Dances as well as his piece for solo piano, Chandeliers für Klavier which just came out on Universal Edition - we can't wait to see what comes next and look forward to his next blog post! In case you missed his hilarious previous posts, catch up with BLOG I, BLOG II “I’m a Diva. Get me out of here” and The Night I Kissed Halle Berry - Hello Stage Blog opus 3.

The gifted conductor TaeJung Lee is busy preparing for his concert in Ljubljana, Slovenia after a busy summer and recent concerts in South Korea - with Zubin Mehta describing him as "...very talented and excellent conductor with exceeding individual skills and outstanding musicality!" , we can only recommend that you follow his events and work on HELLO STAGE!

One of our founding members just happens to be a "wizard of the percussion" - yes, you guessed it, we are talking about the Austrian multi-percussionist, Martin Grubinger! Who can ever forget this amazing performance at this year's Eurovision Song Contest?

We are proud to have the Chamber Orchestra of Europe amongst our ensembles on HELLO STAGE - maybe you will have the chance to enjoy an evening of Beethoven as they play with the violinist Leonidas Kavakos next month in Spain and Portugal? Dubbed as "The finest chamber orchestra in the world" (BBC 2 Television) it will surely be a night to remember!

We welcome the young violinist Andrea Obiso to HELLO STAGE - his video Kachaturian Violin Concert, Final Round of Kachaturian Competition 2015 caught your attention this week - and rightly so! - we look forward to seeing his page develop and more media up on it soon!
Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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