The Importance of Music Appreciation

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Being a teaching artist, I can present a unique form of aesthetic expression as an integral component to the education of students of all ages.

Since the dawn of humanity, music has provided people with a vehicle for artistic, emotional and intellectual expression.

Studies have linked music education to a host of desirable outcomes including higher IQ/SAT scores, lower drop out rates, better emotional health, higher GPAs, increased skills in areas like math and science, and greater social achievement.

Music is an indispensable tool for any child, teen or adult. It boosts concentration, self-discipline, listening and social skills. It also has a tremendous organizing quality to the brain and aids in developing memory, emotion and mood. It helps people to develop skills such as time management, communication, patience, and perseverance among others.

Part of my music pedagogy is to introduce Music Appreciation to elementary/primary/secondary schools, to conservatories, colleges and institutions. I initiate children, teens, adults and people of all ages, to the philosophy, history, and all trends of music, old and new.

My personal philosophical perspective combined with learning theories aim to motivate my students. The evolution of music as an historical perspective is discussed as a learning experience that defines how the masters’ contributions have impacted and developed classical to modern music.

This may include assignments, teaching large and small ensembles, providing individual and class teaching techniques and the adaption of learning styles for unique students in the classroom. For the more advanced, basic conducting, score reading and rehearsal techniques, learning theories are also incorporated into the playing and teaching of music.

Teaching adolescents present more challenges due their age-related social and developmental characteristics.The aim is always to maximize one's individual skill and potential. Meticulous curriculum planning, complete focus and dedication, as well as remarkable patience and lots of humor are my teaching weapons.

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Author: Kosmas Lapatas
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