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It's always a pleasure to meet up with the Trio KLaViS - witty, relaxed and ridiculously talented, they have been going from musical strengh to strengh with their programme, Geography of Sound which we at HELLO STAGE had the pleasure of listening to live at the Vienna Musikverein this spring - it was a wonderfully refreshing concert. We were thrilled when we found out that they are hosting a crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit.at to enable their debut CD with this magical music!

Do you remember the Orange Twist interview that we did a while back? Do read it to get a further insight into the unique flavour of the Trio KlaViS - and find out what KlaViS stands for!

So why did they decide to crowdfund their CD? We were happy to find out that it was actually a chat with our founder, Bernhard Kerres, that inspired them to finally take the plunge as well as encouragement from fellow HELLO STAGErs who already had successful campaigns, especially the New Piano Trio and Maria Radutu. Together with the fantastic support they recieved from Simone Mathys-Panreiter and the wemakeit team here in Vienna, the pieces fell into place. Crowdfunding is a busy process - it was insightful to hear how much administrative work happens along with the many hours rehearsing, planning, organizing photo and video shoots - it really is a process which involves a lot of hard work, good time management and dedication.

Nevertheless, as I chat and laugh with this happy Trio one can't help but get infected with their optimism and passion; parallel to their campaign, they are rehearsing for their upcoming debut concert at the Gasteig in M√ľnich, Germany on the 10th October - details on their HELLO STAGE page, of course :) - if you can go and enjoy this wonderful programme and their charisma on stage.

In the meantime, we are keeping our fingers crossed and wish them the best of luck for the campaign!
Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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