#classicalbuzz HELLO STAGE Weekly Highlights August 24th

It seems to be a very musical monday for our HELLO STAGErs around the globe!

How about a flashmob in Leipzig, Germany this afternoon, 18h, courtesy of the Sommer Orchester Leipzig? Now thats a good start to the week...by the way - we like rainbows too :)

Cellist Corinne Morris is preparing for her Recital tonight at the St. Lawrence Jewry Festival in London tonight - Beethoven and Klatzow are on the programme - best of luck!

Meanwhile in Italy, classical guitarist Heike Matthiesen plays at the Guitar Festival San Giacomo Bologna tonight - Sor, Schubert, Tarrega, Mozart, Kreutzer, Mertz and Bobrowicz...what an evening and thanks for our cover photo!
The young Hungarian Trumpet player Tamás Pálfalvi plays in the Czech Republic on the 25th - Richard Ayres No.31 NONcerto for Trumpet with an array of conductors, Petr Kotík, Rolf Gupta, Johannes Kalitzke, Ondřej Vrabec, Carl Bettendorf, best of luck to all of you!
Violinist Anna Lindenbaum , managed by Musica Juventutis , plays at the Festival di Musica di Portogruaro in Italy on the Wednesday the 26th...
Our Artist of The Week, Flutist Emi Ferguson plays at the Baroque Music at the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival with Soovin Kim, Peter Stumpf, and Kit Armstrong in Burlington, US - catch them if you can, we highly recommend it!
Say hello to British Pianist Jonathan Plowright on HELLO STAGE and if you are in the area of Husum, Germany do try and go to his Recital for 29. Raritäten der Klaviermusik Piano Festival in Schloss vor Husum on Thursday 27th!

Warm welcome to Louie's Cage Percussion ensemble, 'named after the monkey king Louie and the composer John Cage, this Percussiongroup consists of 6 young musicians, in the average age of 23' - to find out how they sound, take a look and listen to their media and catch them live on the 28th in Austria!
The Turkish Conductor Naci Ozguc will perform Fazil Say's Nazim Oratorio with the Nazım Hikmet Choir and the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra this weekend at the Bilkent Odeon in Ankara, Turkey!
Author: Nina Lucas HELLO STAGE
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