Thank you, Jazz Summers (1944-2015)

Would you believe that one oft he greatest pop managers had a secret love for classical music. He actually even managed some classical artists for short periods. When speaking to Jazz I never felt that he differentiated between music genres. For him it was all about good music – or bad. And he was very outspoken about that.
Jazz brought a different approach to the pop world wonderfully documented often with a twinkle in his eye in his book: Big Life. Worth a read for anyone in the music community.

Jazz was one of the first people I told about HELLO STAGE. We were sitting at the Groucho Club in London’s Soho enjoying a light dinner. He loved the idea of HELLO STAGE and did not hold back with suggestions, constructive criticism, and ideas. Even when therapy weakened his body he had a keen interest on how we were doing.

Jazz, I will miss you. You were a wonderful friend and mentor. I am grateful for the years of our friendship and inspiration. My thoughts are with your lovely wife and all of your family as well as we the great team of Big Life Management.

About Jazz Summers.

Author: Bernhard Kerres
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