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Composer Shie Rozow’s story is an unlikely one. Recognizing his talent early, his parents enrolled him in piano lessons while in kindergarten, but he hated practicing and would alienate teacher after teacher until his parents finally relented and gave up on forcing him to take lessons. For years, an upright piano collected dust until one day Shie was drawn to it and decided to start playing again. Refusing lessons, Shie taught himself how to play song by ear, and quickly began writing original music.

Drawn to synthesizers, which were so popular in the 80’s, Shie begged his father for a synth, and at age 11 or 12 he got his first one - a Roland JX-3P. It wasn’t long before Shie started writing electronic music and adding more gear to his collection. As a teen he got an Atari ST computer and Master Tracks, his first sequencing software, which set his imagination alight.

In high-school Shie played in the school band. He couldn’t read or write music, so he would learn all his parts by ear. And it was under the tutelage of his band teacher, Thomas Stone, that he wrote his first arrangement for band. Shie wrote an arrangement of Silent Night for a Christmas concert using his sequencer, and Stone converted Shie’s work into notation for the band to play, since Shie still couldn’t read or write music notation.

Following his high school graduation, Shie served in the military, as is mandatory in his home country of Israel. It wasn’t until the end of his 3 year service that Shie decided to pursue music professionally. He was accepted into the Rimon School of Jazz & Contemporary music, where he finally learned how to read & write music notation at the age of 21. A year later he took his first orchestration class and it changed the course of his life.

Shie became enamored with writing for orchestra and decided to pursue a career in film scoring because it would allow him the opportunity to work with orchestras. During his second year at Rimon, Shie earned a partial scholarship from Berklee College of Music. The following year he moved to Boston to pursue a degree in film scoring. Two years later Shie graduated Magna Cum Laude and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.

In the 18 years since Shie moved to Los Angeles, he has worked as composer, orchestrator and mostly as music editor on nearly 100 feature films, becoming one of the most sought after music editors in the industry. His credits include a wide variety of projects ranging from blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron to independent hits like Hustle & Flow to musicals like Chicago to TV shows and series including Desperate Housewives. He works with top film composers including John Ottman, Marc Mancina, Heitor Pereira, and Danny Elfman, with whom he’s worked for nearly 15 years.

After all these years of lending his talents to other composers and their film scores, Shie is now producing his first album of original concert works. Focusing on chamber works, Musical Fantasy will include his first string quartet along with piano works and a French Horn & Piano duet. He’s attracted top talent to perform his works on the album including The Lyris Quartet, pianist Robert Thies and A-list French horn session player, Brian O’Connor. Grammy-winner Noah Snyder will record and mix the album.

The album will be Shie’s first foray into the concert world, where he hopes to pursue new opportunities writing for small and large ensembles, conducting and having his works performed and heard around the world.

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Author: edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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