The Future of Sponsoring - Now

Here is a brilliant offer. Need some motivation to get your project started? You have until the 31st July - the time is NOW!

Get a third of your project sponsored - and a marketing campaign at the same time? Sounds great. I think it is.

With the crowdfunding-platform wemakeit that I am representing in Austria, we have a cooperation going that does just that. The Bank Austria Kunstpreis will finance a third of the target sum of selected campaigns on wemakeit this year. Eligible are all sorts of cultural projects based in or linked to Austria - whether you would like to record a certain piece, whether you need infrastructure for your studio, production costs for an event, whether you would like to host a conference or print a publication.

Get a third of your projects budget.

The Bank Austria Kunstpreis has got 110’000.- EUR to spend supporting these projects. If your part of this, you will have their support as soon as you have reached 33% of your target sum together with your crowd, which has to be at least 20 people strong. If you got that, the Bank Austria Kunstpreis will take over the next 33% percent - and you are are two thirds of the way to getting your project financed. The last 33% are again up to you and your crowd - but with a boost like that, your chances are high of nailing this last bit as well.

Combining this sponsorship with crowdfunding is a perfect match: with a crowdfunding campaign, you don’t „only“ (don’t want to play that down) raise money, you also communicate your project as best you can in order to active your crowd and through that you let people engage and participate - you strengthen your network and your fanbase. The sponsor gives you a massive boost on the way and helps build trust for future supporters. I like.

Interested? Submit your project till 31st of July! More here: wemakeit.com/bankaustriakunstpreis

Simone has a background in arts, culture and music and spent several years supporting young musicians in Viennas pop music scene. Find out more on: about.me/mathys.parnreiter Take a look at Simone's blog: simones10forward.wordpress.comBlog and be sure to take a look at wemakeit!
Author: Simone Mathys-Parnreiter
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