It's all About Collaboration...

Unless you are in one, forget about competition - read on why it's all about collaboration and building a network...

Do you remember when Myspace was having it’s '5 minutes’?

Everybody who was anybody in the global music scene ( or any scene come to think of it ;) had a Myspace page, suddenly being ‘added’ mattered - enter Soundcloud. ‘Plays’ became important, as did ‘followers’ on twitter… On Facebook we collect ‘friends’ and ‘fans’ if you happen to have your own page. The list will go on and will undoubtably keep on developing. I wonder whats next - oh yes, I almost forgot the coveted ‘like’. People connected, the conversation started to flow, artists from other ends of the world got together, record labels began to pick up artists from the internet and their social platforms and things generally started to happen - fast.

With the global social trend strong and growing there is one word on everyones digital lips; collaboration.

So how do you successfully digitally collaborate?

It all starts with building a strong network - we have had a couple of great posts on this already, but really, this is nothing new - it’s been going on since just about forever - humans are social beings, like-minded people tend to come together at some point and the arts have been interconnected throughout history - what makes it different and so much more exciting today is the possibility of reaching out to a global community at, more or less, the click of a button. Flip open your screen, hook onto your wifi and you have the whole world at your fingertips.

So how do you use this amazing, and for many of you, overwhelming new potential? How does one juggle practicing, performing, maybe having a job as well and still manage to find time for growing and maintaining a social media presence?

This is something that really affects all of us, whether we want it to or not, our web presence matters - meet someone new, have a great connection and chances are, you will become Facebook friends and be chatting away about how many ‘mutual friends’ you have by the end of the evening - next day, you will probably be ‘googled' and like it or not, an opinion will be formed based on your web presence.

With this in mind, we developed and are constantly enhancing HELLO STAGE - we wanted to create THE network for classical music professionals. Seriously, how many classical pianists or flutists do you know of having rocked Myspace, Soundcloud and co.?

We know that you will probably get asked, “Do you have a website?”, “Where can I listen to your music?” “When is your next concert?" and that your Biography and Repertoire is an important aspect of your musical career, credibility and personality. We also realize that it can be tough as a newcomer, fresh out of school, to make any sense of the professional music world unless you have been very lucky and have the ultimate network so far - but truth be told, for many artists, the real world begins after graduation. Or maybe you are an established artist and don’t have the luxury of time and managing multiple social media accounts because you are busy touring - then you can use HELLO STAGE as a central hub for sharing your music and upcoming concerts and share to your other social media channels if necessary.

By giving Promoters and Managers the chance to showcase their artists and agencies as well as the chance to conveniently discover new talent we have succeeded in creating a platform where all music industry professionals network - and where everyone has an equal chance to get noticed - based on one very simple principle; what you give is what you get - if you maintain and share you HELLO STAGE page, are confident in your talent and musical ability and reach out to the fellow HELLO STAGE community, as well as reaching out to our HELLO STAGE team, amazing things can happen - but it really is up to you to get creative - if you have no concerts coming up, don’t be dismayed, work around it - maybe you are preparing an exciting CD recording and want to share your journey along the way, or you are writing a really interesting thesis on Beethoven and would like to share your thoughts with the world. Is there someone you would like to connect with? Why not drop them a line and say “hello” - you would be amazed at how many things can come out of a simple hello.

For those of you who love to write, we created the blog - where you truly have the freedom to write about anything that you see fit, trust me, as editor I have not yet refused to publish a post and am genuinely amazed at the thought provoking and useful content that our members send in.

Of course, you can add friends and follow HELLO STAGE’rs, as we like to call you all. This is a social network after all, and, we would like to think, THE network for classical musicians. I think you will all agree - it’s about time we had one to call our own ;) To conclude, here's a thought: a competition opens doors for those who win it - networking opens a door for everyone who willingly participates.

Nina K Lucas is a pianist, sound creative, yoga teacher, Belgrade girl, chocolate lover, foodie & your Community Manager on HELLO STAGE! "I love what I do - managing this fantastic community - thank you all for being such an inspiration! :)" Follow Nina on Twitter and Instagram - you can also always reach out to her at nina@hellostage.com.

Author: Nina HELLO STAGE
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Maria Weiss - 2015-06-23 12:42
Thank you Nina! Great post!
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