An Interview Bastien Sannac - Introducing Meludia

Have you discovered the wonderful world of Meludia yet? We are huge fans and partners of this highly engaging and beautifully designed tool...read on to discover more as we talk to the CEO of Meludia, Bastien Sannac - the music is within you...

Tell us, how did your Meludia adventure start?

It started with music lessons, obviously! I met Vincent Chaintrier (Meludia Co-Founder and Vice President) 5 years ago. I was taking some lessons with him to improve my music compositions. His method was based on developing music listening skills and it was incredibly effective. After 2 months with Vincent, I felt like I had made more progress in 10 lessons than I had in my last 15 years of music. This is when I proposed to him to transcribe his "offline method" into an online tool.

What is Meludia.com?

The 'ear' is the engine of musicians and Meludia.com is the ultimate tool for musically training the ear. Our teaching method is very innovative. It is based on 25 years of experimenting on more than 3,000 musicians in one-to-one sessions. We have created an immersive environment to galvanize the learning process: graphic designs based on music sensasions, high-definition sounds of real instruments and a 'gamified' course.

Can you describe the typical Meludia innovative teaching method?

The teaching method is based on two main principles.

The first one is called 'the 7 dimensions of music': Rhythm, Timbre, Melody, Harmony, Spatialization, Dynamics and Forms. That is a big deal, because when you start, music seems difficult to understand and to perceive. It’s like if you had to explore a giant ocean. You would not even know where to begin your voyage.
But if we tell you that music is not unlimited, that it is not a giant ocean; if I tell you that music is more about 7 lakes, it means that you can figure out a way to discover and explore the realm of music. For example, you can start with the first lake, then go to the second one, go to the third one, go back to the first one and so on.
With the 7-dimension framework that Vincent has set up, we can quickly focus on one or several dimensions. It gives us an angle of listening. Music is no more unlimited and unfathomable. Even if we are not very precise, we can handle it, conceive it and become confident in the process of learning.

The second principle is about the different levels of music perception. We perceive each notion of music through 4 levels: SEMA, « S », « E », « M », « A » for Sensation, Emotion, Memory and Analysis.
Usually, the traditional music teaching method gives priority to memory and analysis. But Vincent thinks that learning music should be the other way around and Start with sensation and emotion, before moving to memory and analysis.

Meludia was a finalist at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards at SXSW in Austin. What can you tell us about this experience?

This was our second SXSW and it was awesome. We met with a lot of startups, institutions and artists. Meludia showed a huge traction in an international event among both the music and tech world.

How do you feel about going global with Meludia, mainly the USA?

The USA may offer huge opportunities in terms of potential customers and investors. Yet, we want to remain French. However, this does not prevent me from traveling a lot to the USA and building strategic partnerships with great institutions.

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Author: Alexandre Rouvrais / edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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