First time I heard of HELLO STAGE was thanks to Severine Garnier, she is from Bordeaux too, and author of the great blog Classique mais pas has been (we had previously met in 2010, she wrote an article about a concert that I had played with my pianist Adrien Reignier).

I saw, on Twitter, that she was in Berlin for the FEVIS Europe conference. I messaged her, we had a coffee and talked the importance of social media for musicians. After our meeting, I read some tweets about #FEVISBerlin and discovered the @HelloStage_ and @BernhardKerres Twitter accounts.

I decided to join HELLO STAGE and filled in my profile. A week later they told me that my I had made it to the Weekly Top 5, a nice way to highlight members and their activities.

Shortly after that, I had a Speed Dating with Bettina in Berlin. At that time, I had just found my baroque cello in Leipzig and was starting my Bach journey. Bettina was very helpful, explaining how to make the best of HELLO STAGE, and advised me to share my Bach journey on my profile.

Thanks to HELLO STAGE I could connect with other musicians in Berlin (like Maria Busqué), and start building my network. A great tool is the Orange Board where you can post your ad about almost everything (even viola jokes). Once, I got a free ticket to hear the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen - how cool is that ;)

Through the blog, (thank you Nina!) and the newsletters you find a lot of advice from other members sharing their experience, and lots of great posts from Bernhard Kerres on how to use new technologies and applications. When I want to share something I use the #classicalbuzz on Twitter.

Even if I spend my days working on my own research on the baroque cello and my Bach CD, I feel connected to the community. You see how other people finance their projects with crowd-funding like Maria Weiss and Jasmine Choi for example. I might start my own campaign soon ;)...

And to the current members, I would say that it would be even better if we would start interacting more using the CONNECT button and the Orange Board. So, I'm open to more collaboration with other HELLO STAGE members or ensembles, who is up for it?

You might wonder, but no, I don't get paid to promote HELLO STAGE, I just think that the more we become, the more we all use it, the better it will be!

Have a good day!

Marianne Dumas is a french cellist and teacher currently based in Berlin, where she is busy recording her upcoming Bach CD (what else;)). You can follow her journey and keep up with her musical adventures on her HELLO STAGE page!
Author: Marianne Dumas / edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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Maria Busqué - 2015-05-08 11:33
Thanks for this, Marianne! I'm also so grateful that we could connect through HelloStage. Also connecting with the guys from Arcis Saxophone Quartett, Caroline Jahns, Brigitte Ulbrich… and so many more! I agree, the more the merrier. Thanks also to the whole team of HelloStage for creating this space and keeping it fresh and relevant.
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