Catch Them at the First Glance!

How to Make the Most of HELLO STAGE (4) - Bettina has all the answers!
You will find 3 different things which sort of look alike to fill in when creating your Page on HELLO STAGE - and you will wonder why I am going on about it, as it seems to be really obvious….

All three serve very different purposes and are for you to be found more easily and to attract attention!

The one you probably already have filled in, in the best possible way, is your Biography - simply copy and paste from the one you already have at hand! You might have to shorten it a bit as the number of characters is limited…. Almost every artist biography I ever came across in my life is too long!! Keep it short, that will save the person who is copying it for a programme book a lot of time doing that work, and you can ensure that they are not taking out the parts that are important for you!

The Short Profile asks for some facts and I strongly recommend filling it in, although it is optional. You decide what you want to share and what not. This allows you to control what a visitor to your HELLO STAGE Page sees. Providing this information will increase the possibility to be contacted by other members.

The About section is probably the most important one you have on your profile - it is the first thing a visitor looks at and this is where you can catch them at the first glance. Or in fact lose them, if it is empty or simply only gives the URL to your website. You got them to your Page on HELLO STAGE and rather than giving them a short intro, you are sending them elsewhere as if you would not care enough to introduce yourself at the first encounter (sorry to be so brutally open...).

I agree it is not easy to come up with 3 to 5 snappy catching sentences to describe yourself - your whole biography will be too long and it has its own section anyway… I picked a few examples of what members chose to do.
Options range from a very personal statement like Julien’s (see www.hellostage.com/Julien-Vanhoutte, a short version of your biography like Mariko & Daniel opted for www.hellostage.com/mariko-hara & www.hellostage.com/Daniel-Tosky or a wonderful quote someone else has written about you like in Olga’s case www.hellostage.com/olga-scheps.

I hope these examples will inspire you to fill in your About section - it gives you a huge advantage over the ones who did not!

Bettina Mehne manages the relationships with Artists, Ensembles, their Managements as well as Promoters on HELLO STAGE. She toured Orchestras around the world, worked for London and Germany based Managements, took care of Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen as their Artistic Manager and headed the Artistic Planning at the Wiener Konzerthaus for six seasons. Follow Bettina on Twitter - you can also always reach out to her at bettina@hellostage.com.
Author: Bettina Mehne
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