Don’t Lose Out When Posting a Video!

Here it is; How To Make The Most of HELLO STAGE (3) - enjoy and have fun uploading and sharing your videos!
We love seeing your videos and photos in our media feed! But there is so much more to it ….

While it is perfectly easy to get them up on HELLO STAGE while they are hosted on Youtube or Vimeo, a lot of you are not using the little Facebook icon to upload them to your Facebook page via HELLO STAGE. It does sound a little more complicated at first but it makes so much sense if you are looking at it a little closer (and you still should keep your Youtube / Vimeo channel of course!)

Doing the little detour via HELLO STAGE has a huge advantage: it means that anyone who watches your video on Facebook will actually be taken back to your profile on HELLO STAGE to watch it there. If the promoter / orchestra / manager in question likes it, they can browse all your other info at once! Believe me, only a very small percentage will take the trouble to then go and google you if they just happened to stumble upon you on Facebook. So catch them while you can!

We all know how easy it is to get lost on Youtube and we all have done it! You managed to get the attention of someone who could be important for you and you let them run loose on Youtube again - just imagine the telephone rings, they need to run into a meeting etc. etc. etc. but they started clicking around on Youtube, just to waste those extra few minutes before going off or during a not so interesting conversation... this is where you easily end up when you started out watching Balázs Bánfi’s video of Peteris Vasks „Distant light“; next stop: „oh there is a cello concerto too“... next stop: Vasks Quartett, followed by: how to cook like Heston, potatoes…
When returning back to the screen after the phone call or the meeting, they will have forgotten who caught their eye in the first place.

Bettina Mehne manages the relationships with Artists, Ensembles, their Managements as well as Promoters on HELLO STAGE. She toured Orchestras around the world, worked for London and Germany based Managements, took care of Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen as their Artistic Manager and headed the Artistic Planning at the Wiener Konzerthaus for six seasons. Follow Bettina on Twitter - you can also always reach out to her at bettina@hellostage.com
Author: Bettina Mehne
Comments [3]
Claus Hierluksch - 2015-04-16 19:55
I just tested and totally agree. But i have a suggestion: Would be great if the video posted on FB via Hello Stage would open automatically when being directed to Hello Stage after clicking the link!
Bettina Mehne - 2015-06-04 14:19
posting directly on any page on Facebook is now possible!! you can also tweet your video and post it on a whole lot of other networks! Glad this is working, Günter managed to find a way!
lala lala - 2015-10-08 09:05
thank you for the tips!
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