Filling in Your Repertoire Can Lead to Concert Opportunities!

Here is How to make the most of HELLO STAGE (2) by Bettina - it shows you just how useful and important it is to take the time and fill in your repertoire!
In part 1 of of „How to make the most of HELLO STAGE“ I explained that you are searchable by your repertoire and strongly recommend that you drag and drop the pieces performed into your event.

One of the features Promoters have and which you are getting with your unlimited membership is the Extended Search. You find it on your dashboard in case you have not noticed it so far, but in fact it is one of the most amazing features.

Numerous career opportunities over the last decades have come up because someone has replaced a soloist or conductor at short notice - we all know of examples! But how canthe orchestra in question know about you having the piece of music in your repertoire and also finding that information quickly? I remember well, hunting for someone to conduct The Mermaid, by Zemlinsky, in the revised version for a replacement - this took a hectic 5 days some years back! Horror!! The Extended Search would have given me a list of people who offered it!

It is also great for the forward planing of promoters and orchestras. They will probably have their set ideas about with whom they would like to plan their Mozart piano concerto, but when it comes to more unusual repertoire, the Extended Search provides a lot of suggestions to explore!

In the example above, you can see how the search for works by Rodion Shchedrin! Great to see how many have works by him in their repertoire!

But why is it so important that the repertoire makes it into the events? Linking rep and events up will result in not only being visible in the upcoming (or past) dates. Clicking on a repertoire entry will provide any visitor with a list of when the piece was/will be performed! This is vital information for an orchestra/promoter - when you performed a piece and with whom to make a pre-selection. (see photo in the header).

This shows that it is also a good idea to add past highlights to your event list! Just a few of the most important engagements for the last two years or so to let people know what you have been up to and with who you have performed.

At the very beginning of building HELLO STAGE, we spent our summer building a database with about 8.700 orchestral works by Michael van der Aa to Ellen Taaffee Zwilich which will come up in the autocomplete when filling your rep. (hint: when typing in any W.A.Mozart - always use the KV number, it only needs three digits and the work pops up…) Only with Operas, Chamber music and solo repertoire will you need to type in the work title yourself - but always try the composer in autocomplete, chances are very high that he/she is already there!

PS. - we just updated a feature where you can drag & drop any piece of music into your events. It can now indicate if you are the soloist or a member of the ensemble/orchestra for the work in question.

Bettina Mehne manages the relationships with Artists, Ensembles, their Managements as well as Promoters on HELLO STAGE. She toured Orchestras around the world, worked for London and Germany based Managements, took care of Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen as their Artistic Manager and headed the Artistic Planning at the Wiener Konzerthaus for six seasons. Follow Bettina on Twitter - you can also always reach out to her at bettina@hellostage.com
Author: Bettina Mehne
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