The Forty-Niners are not only San Francisco’s American Football Team. This team is actually named after the people in California’s gold rush in 1849. The first gold seekers arrived in California in 1948, mostly actually by ship. They quickly were lucky often making in six months what they could earn in six years at the East Coast. Word spread slowly but by 1849 people were pouring into California to seek their luck on the gold fields.
Reading about the gold rush live must have been pretty simple and often harsh. People came to the gold fields for a few months hoping to make a fortune quickly.

I guess that many people think that way about Silicon Valley and the Internet Boom today. People from all over the world come to California to find their luck. Living here has become very expensive. Many youngsters try to find ways to live cheap. So called Hacker Homes are spreading – houses were six people share a room in bunk beds.

Speaking with many of the people who came here I do not think it is the dream of a fortune driving them. Mostly it is an amazing passion for their idea, for their product, and their company. They feel that California gives them the best opportunity to develop their idea into a business and to try it out. I have the highest respect for them and feel lucky to be among such a group of entrepreneurs.

Bernhard is the founder of HELLO STAGE. He is probably the first opera singer pitching an Internet start-up in Silicon Valley. Before founding HELLO STAGE in Fall 2013, Bernhard was the CEO and Artistic Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus. He held several C-Level positions in European technology companies with EUR 100+ million turnover. See www.bernhardkerres.com.

Bernhard is currently working for HELLO STAGE in the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, a leading accelerator for start-ups. He writes about his experience in the innovation hot bed on this blog.
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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