Back at School

Great to meet the other newbies at Plug and Play. We started “University” today. Four days of lectures, discussions and workshops. Who are the others?

Cabe Na Mala

The only female participant in the program is the co-founder of Cabe Na Mala, a start-up from Brasil. What they do is simple. It allows Brazilians to shop for electronics, fashion and other consumer goods in online stores in the US. Couriers will bring the items to them. This saves the consumers exorbitant Brazilian taxes and custom duties. The couriers earn a bit of money. What sounds strange is perfectly legal using an imperfect system of taxes and duties in different countries.

Rudy Games

Another Austrian start-up is Rudy Games. They combine the worlds of board games with gaming apps allowing a completely new gaming experience. I cannot wait to try it out!


The second start-up from Brazil is Lotebox. It is a clever B2B marketplace for logistics. If you have space in your container you can offer it on Lotebox. This increases not only efficiency but allows a logistic partner to make some extra money. For companies who want to ship something it is a way to optimize shipping cost.


A start-up from the Czech Republic is realPad. It is a CRM platform for real estate developers with some cool tools for displaying properties. This makes it easier for the buyer and the seller to select the right property.


When IT you know what it means to work with legacy systems often from different entities. The second Czech start-up addresses exactly that problem. Mantatools analyzes dataflows, automates code reviews and much more.


The last start up in that group comes from Turkey. Viviso is a clever tool for targeted video ads for online TV and streaming providers. It allows broadcasters to monetize their content.

Bernhard is the founder of HELLO STAGE. He is probably the first opera singer pitching an Internet start-up in Silicon Valley. Before founding HELLO STAGE in Fall 2013, Bernhard was the CEO and Artistic Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus. He held several C-Level positions in European technology companies with EUR 100+ million turnover. See www.bernhardkerres.com.

Bernhard is currently working for HELLO STAGE in the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, a leading accelerator for start-ups. He writes about his experience in the innovation hot bed on this blog.
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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