Quick #Hashtag 101

I often get asked about the do's and dont's of using Hashtags, here is a quick overview for those who are still wondering, what is a #Hashtag anyway?
We have seen it often enough on Twitter, Instagram is full of them, (#instadaily anyone? ;) and, for the moment anyway, on Facebook they haven't really taken off. Like it or not, the (once) humble # has taken over the internet and it seems to be here to stay.

So what is it exactly and what do you need to know about this addictive little cyber-prefix?

First of all, using the hashtag has been around for a surprisingly long time: 2007 to be exact. Chris Messina, also known as "factoryjoe", posted the first hashtag on Twitter (imagine how crazy it must be knowing that you started such an internet-changing trend!) and the rest is digital history.

As always, things tend to move a little adagio in the online classical music world, so in case you were wondering, here comes the big revelation: a # is simply a content marker; a label or metadata tag. Hence the name, hash - which is the symbol and tag. Simple!

1. How do you use a #?

#WordsofWisdom Insert one or more #hashtags before, during or after your post. #SocialMediaTips

2. And you use them on...

Social networks. Using a certain hashtag has a huge effect on your message, it gives it some punch, a splash of colour. If a message is the melody, think of #'s as the dynamics. Especially on Twitter where words are limited, a hashtag can portray an emotion #Happy, set a mood like sarcasm, or even be the answer to a posed question - still confused? #YouWillGetThere #TakeYourTime

2. How many should I use?

Well, that really all depends on your style - people do tend to get a bit carried away - but 2 seems to be the golden number. Keep it relevant and entertaining and, as always, find what works for you. #LessIsMore

3. Oh, and on that note:

#thisissodifficulttoread #YouGetThePoint ;)

4. Why should I bother using them for marketing myself?

Think of hashtags as little amplifiers - at HELLO STAGE we launched the #classicalbuzz hoping to get the internet buzzing about the international classical music scene in all its glory. When someone posts about anything to do with the classical music world, and tags it with #classicalbuzz, we pick it up and share it on our Twitter and other channels, and so the word spreads...it's a great snowball effect.
Ultimately, you are helping users find your content - whether it's a #Concert, #CD, #Tour or an #Interview, be creative and help it stand out!

5. Which ones should I use?

Create your own if you are #FeelingAdventurous, highlight a special message with a trending # - you will find these on your Twitter/Home below your profile, under Trends, launch your own digital campaign with a unique # - like we did with #classicalbuzz...once you "get" hashtags you will be surprised at how quickly you will learn which ones to use where.

6. You will definitely get the point ;):

So I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this short & sweet 101 - I am curious, do you have anything to ask or share? Post it below! - Jokes and cool stuff is also most welcome as are your favourite # discoveries so far!

Nina K Lucas is a pianist, sound creative, yoga teacher, Belgrade girl, chocolate lover, foodie & your Community Manager on HELLO STAGE! "I love what I do - managing this fantastic community - thank you all for being such an inspiration! :)" Follow Nina on Twitter and Instagram - you can also always reach out to her at nina@hellostage.com.

Author: Nina HELLO STAGE
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Bernhard Kerres - 2015-04-02 18:12
Brilliant post! Thanks Nina!!!
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