Angels in Silicon Valley

What the service clubs like Rotary, Round Table and others are in the rest of the world, are the Angel groups in Silicon Valley. Here you meet regularly with like-minded friends to discuss potential start-up investments and to follow-up on business you are part of.
Service clubs do much good in many countries. They often help quickly where there is a need. They are also often very strong networks where member help each other in their careers and their businesses.

Silicon Valley is different. Sure, they also have their service clubs, but the far stronger networks are the different Angel groups. An Angel investor gives money to an early stage start-up. It is often the first money invested in a new company outside of friends and families. The amounts invested by Angels in a start-up can vary significantly from US$ 10.000s to a few millions.

Many Angel groups have successful entrepreneurs among them. They often also include people interested in the start-up world and certainly some dreaming of finding the next Facebook, Google or Uber.

The Angel groups meet regularly and have mostly a transparent screening and selection process for start-ups. Some charge start-ups for presentations, most do not. The feedback a start-up entrepreneur can get from such presentations can be of enormous value regardless of an actual investment. It is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get an open and honest feedback from experienced people.

I am looking forward to meeting more and more angel groups and to speaking to them. Let us see if some would like to invest in HELLO STAGE and help us grow it.

Bernhard is the founder of HELLO STAGE. He is probably the first opera singer pitching an Internet start-up in Silicon Valley. Before founding HELLO STAGE in Fall 2013, Bernhard was the CEO and Artistic Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus. He held several C-Level positions in European technology companies with EUR 100+ million turnover. See www.bernhardkerres.com.

Bernhard is currently working for HELLO STAGE in the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, a leading accelerator for start-ups. He writes about his experience in the innovation hot bed on this blog.
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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Claus Hierluksch - 2015-03-31 06:21 edited
Good luck! i hope they see the potential of your work.
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