A Very Special Birthday Song

Violinist Bruce Dukov has just made a very unusual music video of one of his compositions! Read about all about it...

I was inspired to write this piece for my dear mentor, Nathan Milstein.

It was 1983, and his 80th birthday, and nobody had written anything! He loved the works of Paganini and Wieniawski, and I thought that if either of them had heard Happy Birthday, they would have most certainly written variations. So I began, and in some strange way, many of Paganini's pieces, i.e. Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento, Il Palpiti, as well as the 16th caprice in the G major key, seemed to fit against the main theme!
I wrote it for 2 violins, alternating parts, so nobody would feel like a 2nd violin. I also threw in a little of Milstein's favorite Bach partita at the end! I subsequently recorded it with me performing both parts.

In 1986, violinist Henri Temianka turned 80, and for his birthday, I added the Scherzo Tarantelle variation, also recording that.

It has always been a fantasy of mine to video a recording with myself playing both parts, and until recently, it was not an easy task. Thanks to the miracles of technology, it was now VERY possible to do this, and add the unique perspective of "flipping" one of the parts, to appear to play left-handed. This has made many people giggle, as well as feel a bit uncomfortable!

I hope you get a lot of enjoyment watching this video, as it is, in the least, a "one of a kind"! My gratitude to the wonderful videographer/editor Joel Moody, and the luminous Lucia Micarelli for her Artistic Direction! Here is the video: Bruce Dukov Media

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Author: Bruce Dukov /edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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