A Letter to Johann Sebastian Bach

Here is a very special letter, one that reminds us how important honoring the heritage of great composers is...thank you Marianne!
Dear Johann,

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

330 years... I don't know if you have been in touch with the world during all those years...it might be strange for you if it is the case...

The other day I saw a post about what a J.S. Bach facebook profile might have looked like. It was funny, but I wondered if you were still alive today, would you have facebook? Would you tweet? Maybe yes, but you would be too busy with real life and your music; being a composer, on your own accord - for sure you'd be on HELLO STAGE ;)!

Your life was about love, about giving, about searching and understanding, about adoration. You did not become a musician to be seen or to be rich and famous but because you believed in music and its beauty. So, I think you would pass on social media, even if it would be bad for your carreer and you would end up making the buzz anyway.

I have learned that playing your music is not being an interpreter. It is not about me, my emotions and my life. It's only about the sound and the chords. It is becoming your toy, your "speaker", forgetting about everything else, being into the sound , letting it flow into the room and to the souls of those who are listening...that's how your magic happens.

Johann, thank you, you have changed my life. I have learnt so much since we have been living together, sharing my everyday life with you is a chance and a joy. I am learning from you every day. By the way, I am learning your beautiful language too and falling in love with your country and its people.

Long life to you my dear, we will keep celebrating your birthday. We have your music as heritage and we will keep passing it on to the generations. You are loved in the whole world, played in any style. You are not dead, you will never be, it is such an honor and a joy to be your "speaker", your voice, your heart. Ich will dir mein Herz schenken...

Marianne Dumas is a french cellist and teacher currently based in Berlin, where she is busy recording her upcoming Bach CD (what else;)). You can follow her journey and keep up with her musical adventures on her HELLO STAGE page!
Author: Marianne Dumas / edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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