Arrived in Silicon Valley!

After packing two suit cases, actually two computers and a very long journey I have safely arrived in Silicon Valley. An adventure starts! It is a funny feeling leaving home for several months and making California your new home.
Just after arrival I checked the basics. A good internet connection is first followed by getting survival food and then having a good nights sleep after the long journey. I wanted to get started on Tuesday hitting the ground running.

Due to the time difference between California and Europe my early morning hours are reserved to catch up with my family and the team in Europe. At HELLO STAGE we use various tools to stay connected. We try to avoid e-mail in order to stop the overflow of our inboxes. For written communication we us Slack. This has the great advantage that you can create channels based on the subject and that everyone can easily follow the conversations.

Another very cool tool is appear.in. Just think of a virtual meeting room. Everyone can drop in, catch up and leave. It is a video chat with sharing options for your desktop. The virtual meeting room holds up to eight people. This is the link to the HELLO STAGE meeting room. Feel free to drop by for a chat - appear.in/hellostage. You need to use Google Chrome or the iOS app for it.

The team updated me on the release of several new features on HELLO STAGE. A new release makes me just a tiny bit nervous. Although we do releases often every two weeks you never know what is going to happen. So far we have been very lucky thanks to a great tech team.

Around mid-day I met with our partner Gbox who provides a video hosting service which allows you to monetize your content. We have already implemented the first step on HELLO STAGE. On your MEDIA Page you can now use a link to your Gbox hosted video besides YouTube SoundCloud and others. We want to market our partnership more. I believe that it is a great service for musicians and ensembles to make some extra money.

In the afternoon I moved into Plug and Play Tech Center. But more about that tomorrow!
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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