It is our pleasure to introduce Hyung-ki Joo as our new official HELLO STAGE Blogger!
Hello, Hello Stage Readers!

So, I'm in love and I want to sound my loving yawp over the viral rooftops of this music-loving-community-rocking-online-platform!

This girl rocks my world and I can't take my eyes and ears off her. The last time I felt this way was when I came across four French guys playing in a string quartet. We needed a big hotel room that night!

Anyway - since I've already blurbed about my intimate emotions I might as well reveal who it is to avoid people trying to dig around and end up with thinking it’s Miley Cyrus.

Actually, I’d like to apologize for that last twerking reference and would like to take this moment to say that Miley can actually sing and is extremely talented, unlike so many auto-tune/auto-correct-I-won-a-modeling-contest-and-so-now-I'm-famous performers out there. I really enjoyed her performance of Paul Simon's “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover” on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special.

In any case, it's not Miley. Her name is Barbara. Barbara Hannigan. Why had I not come across this indefinable artist before. Indefinable because every superlative in my dictionary has already been used to describe artists such as Glenn Gould, Carlos Kleiber, Jacques Brél, Cathy Berberian, wait, let me stop here. Why Cathy Berberian? Well, Barbara is clearly the successor to Cathy but, NO, not because of the modern music thing - that would be too simple and primitive a connection. Perhaps more like Messi might be today's successor to Pele? I'm anyways a Zidane fan but don't hold that against me-or head-butt my chest.

I digress, but it’s hard to concentrate when you’re in love.
No, because in both cases, these singers go beyond what the vocal cords can do, they open composers’ imaginations beyond their limit and treat us all to fabulous entertainment. They have that spirit of fun and yet a total commitment to their art. Clearly they are both versatile, and able to go beyond categorisation and make new categories of their own. I think Barbara has given birth to the following new category, “Singers-Who-Are-Also-Musicians-And-Who-Also-Conduct-In-A-World-Where-The-Word-Female-Will-No-Longer-Be-Attached-Actor-Performer-Sky-Diver-World-Class-Avacado-Eater. And probably a lot more other things with hyphens in between. Although she sings about toothpaste, I bet she can’t brush her teeth as fast as me though. I digress - again.

Though I have yet to go on a first date with Barbara, I feel like she is someone who is unfettered by the traps and expectations of the classical music business. She is a real musician and there are no bull droppings where she treads.

As I believe that true love should neither be jealous nor possessive, I hereby share her with all of you - so go check her out:
She is coming to my hometown of Vienna in May on the 26th and 28th of May. I hope security will let me in with the 700 roses I have planned for her. Do you think that’s too much?
I can hear her saying, “You had me at Hello…”

Hyung-ki Joo is a composer, pianist, conductor, actor, creator of shows combing music with humour, and the world’s fastest tooth-brusher. His website launches in a few weeks and till then you can follow him on: ww.facebook.com/HyungkiJoo
Author: Hyung-ki Joo
Comments [2]
Claus Hierluksch - 2015-03-20 14:12
This made my day ! Totally excited that you will amuse our lifes with posts on Hello Stage on a regular base. BRILLIANT!
And we will def. check out Barbara.

All the best,

Arcis Saxophon Quartett
Marianne Dumas - 2015-03-20 21:00 edited
Good luck! (I would recommend 699 or 701 roses , only odd number ;) )
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