A Recipe to Make Your Guests Happy and Satisfied

Here is an exceptional recipe for musicians, be sure to follow the instructions carefully! :) - thank you Marianne!


The list is endless, you can choose the ingredients depending on your inspiration and what you already have. Emotions and Knowledge are two important families of ingredients.

Where do I find them?

Some type of Knowledge can be found online, but usually the best kind is found through experience, and experience can't be found online!

Some Emotions can be found online too; like laughing while watching a cat falling in a bathtub, pushed by a dog on YouTube - this gives us a certain kind of emotion, but the best emotions are also found with Experience...

Experience is the provider of all of the best ingredients!

Where is Experience produced?

The best one has to be self-grown, you can't buy the original one. But don't worry, you'll create the best Experience you can look for on your own. It's local, made by you, 100% organic, tasted and tested by yourself.

How do I grow some Experience?

You will need Family, Friends, Dreams, Love and Mistakes.

Some of them can be found online. Don't judge the Experience you produced, it is always good, even if you are having doubts about it - never stop, it gets better with age.

Mixing Instructions

The instrument(s) you will use is(are) very important, try to cook with the same instrument as much as you can.
As we say in France, "C'est dans les vieux pot qu'on fait la meilleure soupe." Good cooking takes a lot of practice, but don't forget that the technique is helpless without good ingredients...

Serves: from 1 to unlimited

You can invite as many guests as you wish, but it's nice to cook for yourself sometimes too...
No selfies are possible during the meal.


Drinks are usually served after the meal, however, your guests can have some either before or during. Yours will always be served after the meal! (I recommend so..,)


The better your meal is, the more people will pay for it.
We (well, most of us) didn't get into music to make money, but rather to give to others and share our love for the music.
So, don't forget to give some free food to the people who need it the most, we are not only cooks, we can be healers too...

Here is an excerpt from Philippe Lançon's ticket in CHARLIE HEBDO last week (he was critically injured on the January 7th attacks in Paris):

"I'd rather listen to music, especially Bach, the man whose harmony heals your pain and take your grief to a state of beauty [...]. With him I find a world where silence is not occupied by the dead, but by what is alive inside of us."

then he writes about a friend of his, a violinist, who came to the hospital to play Bach's Chaconne for him:

"the music spread like a big bandage on my bed sheets, on the pillows, on my body [...] His notes were watching over my healings. I was listening from my armchair, and , for a few minutes , I felt I was saved. From whom, for what ? I don't know."

Enjoy growing your own Experience, and sharing it, exploring new recipes and loving what you do.

Remember, it's all about love...#jesuischarlie

Marianne Dumas is a french cellist and teacher currently based in Berlin, where she is busy recording her upcoming Bach CD (what else;)). You can follow her journey and keep up with her musical adventures on her HELLO STAGE page!

Author: Marianne Dumas / edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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