La Paz Philharmonic - All Set to Start Rehearsing!

It is so inspiring to hear from Izrael Torrez, founder of the La Paz and observe this project as it really takes of and develops - fueled by an incredible passion for music. When you really want something, you make it happen...

After several weeks of hard work, preparing for the first season, looking for repertoire, places to make rehearsals, having conversations with musicians, and other tasks, like borrowing some chairs; after of a lot of doors knocked, we have finally found some support from the "Theater Jaime Laredo" in La Paz. This theater will provide us with three rehearsal halls for this season! We are starting to work on the FIRST SEASON, this season will include great symphonic works such as:

Beethoven - 5th Symphony
Rimsky Kórsakov - Scheherazade
Dvorzak - New World Symphony
Tchaikovsky - 5th Symphony
Mahler - 1st Symphony

Yes, I know it´s a difficult repertoire to start with, but the more diffitult it is, the more pleasure it brings!

In addition, every concert will include an instrumental soloist - we already have some national and international soloists participating. We are also in conversations to have invited conductors. Finally, we´re trying to bring musicians together from all over the country.

After reading the last blog, some bolivian musicians from other cities expressed their wishes to be part of this project.

Soon, more information will follow about the next concert: Scheherazade and Glazunov´s Saxophone concert.

Thanks so much to Hello Stage team, for letting us tell our story. Without their support, at this moment La Paz wouldn´t have a philharmonic and many young musicians would not have the chance to play in an orchestra!!

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Author: Izrael Torrez / edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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