Love & Classical Dating II

The musical love saga continues, after Bach & Co., it's Albert...
I can't write another love letter to Bach or any other composer because if I do, you would probably think, that cellist has serious issues with relationships, she falls in love with dead composers...

Well, it's not getting better...This week, it's about Albert. (not Albert Roussel...!)

I met Albert in Paris in 1998, after looking for a partner for a few years, it was like love at first sight. We gave ourselves a trial week, but on that same first night, when we arrived home, it was heaven... We made it official 2 weeks later as I signed the papers, he was mine, I was his!

We went to the conservatory in France, then we moved to the USA to study and work together, seven years later we moved to Madrid and after six years enjoying the Spanish lifestyle, we arrived in Berlin a few months ago. We have been together since the first day we met.

During our American years, Albert had a plane accident, he had to have multiple surgeries to heal his fractures. From that day on, I decided we would always sit together on the plane, no matter what... (that's when I started to refer to him as "Albert")

When we arrived in Berlin, we were not in a crisis but when I was with Bach, Albert would make things complicated, he could not let Bach speak freely. I felt it was time for a break between us - you know how important Bach is to me if you read my last blog post!

"I need a break"...

I wanted to explore something totally different. At first, I thought that I could keep it going with Albert and in the meantime I would experiment with something else, but it was not working out. I was all the time looking for the same sensations, the same reactions etc..
If I wanted to try another story, I had to give that new story a real chance.
I didn't play Albert anymore. I missed our voice. His vibration. I missed his head, his thin neck, his beautiful back. I even missed carrying him around (!) but it was necessary.

I found a new friend, similar and so different. My new friend has an old-fashioned look, a baroque look, if you see what I mean. Since we met, I have been rediscovering the first sensations, the first vibrations, that first smile when you feel that you are connecting... You wake up and you can't wait to spend time together, and when you are together, time goes by so fast...

After a 4 month break, I met up with Albert again, the three of us flew to Madrid for concerts and then spent a very romantic time in France, it was like rediscovering his voice, my voice. It would never be the same and yet he would always be my special one.

Our musical instruments are extensions of ourselves. The music we make is the voice of our soul. If we are so attached to our instruments, it is may be because we are deeply attached to our own emotions, our life, which make us feel the magic of the music. The reason why we love what we do so much is maybe just because we love life. It's all about love...

Marianne Dumas is a french cellist and teacher currently based in Berlin, where she is busy recording her upcoming Bach CD (what else;)). You can follow her journey and keep up with her musical adventures on her HELLO STAGE page!
Author: Marianne Dumas / edited by Nina HELLO STAGE
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Maria Busqué - 2015-02-21 20:22
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