La Paz Philharmonic - Preparing the First Season...

So how is the La Paz Philharmonic coming along? Izrael Torrez will be sending us some 'short & sweet' regular updates as this story develops...

"After the first concert, the next step is to continue and play more concerts. But how do you do that?
What repertoire should we play? How do we organize rehearsals? Who are the soloists? Which conductors do we invite? and when would be good time to start with Operas and Ballets?
Thanks to the Hello Stage team´s promotion during Christmas and New Year´s eve, the orchestra has received many, many e-mails from musicians around the world, all of them were really nice and offered to give some kind of support for the orchestra; playing, conducting, teaching, etc. Some of them have even dedicated some time to answer these questions, offer suggestions and share ideas!
With this kind of help, we have realized that we are prepared to take on a lot more risk and organize a whole season.
Of course we have to solve some problems along the way, like finding support for instruments, especially for those that are expensive and difficult to find such as the Timpani, Harp, English horn and Counter-bassoon.

Anyway, we are enjoying every second doing what make us feel really happy, MUSIC!!"
Author: Izrael Torrez / Nina HELLO STAGE
Comments [2]
Jasmine Choi - 2015-01-29 12:47
I wish a continuous success for the La Paz Philharmonic! Cheers to Israel Torrez!
ISRAEL TORREZ - 2015-02-21 19:55
Thank you so much,Jasmine!!You´ve changed my life teaching me to follow dreams and how get them step by step. Best wishes!!
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