Biliana Tzinlikova

Pianist Biliana Tzinlikova had her CD presentation and world premiere of Hoffmeister, Sonatas for Piano Volume I in Schloss Goldegg last friday, we asked her for an Orange Twist...

We all know HELLO STAGE's favourite colour! What's yours?

Blue - all kinds of it.

What was the best advice a teacher ever gave you?

Never play "post factum"!

How has your practice changed with time?

Now I make more small breaks while I am practicing and use the silence to "hear" better and to clarify if what my fingers are doing is near to, or the same (more or less), with that what my ears want to hear.

What do you think is the most inportant trait of a successful artist in today's modern world?

There are many things, but maybe most important is to be able to answer the following question: what exactly is "that", which makes me unique? To stay curious and open for new winds, forms, tastes and smells...

How much time do you spend every day on Facebook, Twitter and which other ways do you use to promote yourself?

I am sure it is not enough:-)

Why Hoffmeister? :)

I like his music, I like the Viola concerto (the famous one, because they are two) and I was curious, excited and then very quickly I fell "in love" with all of the manuscripts that I found. It felt like a strong euphoriant:-)))

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