Let's Create the Classical Music Epidemic

Marketing in the social media age is a big question. Also for classical music. Many of us dream that we can increase our marketing effectiveness and reduce the associated cost with all the new tools. If we start sharing our news we will be able to create a #classicalbuzz. It is up to all of us.
In 2006 journalist Malcolm Gladwell came up with a completely new concept of marketing in his book „Tipping Point“. He studied epidemics to understand why crime rates dropped dramatically in New York in the mid-1990ies or why a novel by an unknown author ends up as a national bestseller. On the last example he proved his theory with the success of his books.

He speaks of social epidemics happening around us. Just to remember, Facebook was founded in 2004, Twitter in 2006. So he had a visionary view on what was to happen. His book was written before the social media frenzy began.

But what does that mean for classical music? An epidemic is characterized by spreading a virus fast from one person to another. One person can start it and it spreads really, really fast but also dies down quickly again. Now, just think if one person starts to be infected by classical music and spreads that virus. What would happen? In today’s world we speak of #classicalbuzz.

This is a concept we can use in classical music. What it means is that we should focus much more on classical music in general than in our own activities. We can create a #classicalbuzz together if we write, speak, share anything we like about classical music. This will increase the awareness but also the emotional attachment to classical music in general.

In a second step this allows us to also market our own activities better. In an environment that appreciates classical music, that shares the passion, your activities will be much better noticed than if you market them out in the cold.

Therefore, make it a habit to write about a concert, a recording, a show or a piece of music you came across and you liked. Share it on all your social media channels. Also, share at least one news item of classical music you come across. Only then start writing about your activities.

If we achieve that together we can create a #classicalbuzz. Let us do it!
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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