Don't Add to the Dangerously High Pile of Unread Information

Often musicians ask us how they can contact managers and promoters. Do you know how many letters, emails, CDs etc managers, orchestras, conductors and promoters get? There are better ways to promote your career than filling peoples’ mailbox with promotional material.

When I was CEO and Artistic Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus I got such a lot of promotional material from artists every single day that there was no way I could read it all or listen to it. When there was some time I picked a CD at random and listened into it. Although we programmed and promoted over 400 concerts per season there we hardly ever had anybody who just sent us their material. We rather listened to recommendations by other musicians, competitions, managers etc. We also looked for the buzz on social media about various artists. Then we tried to hear them live before we made a decision to engage them.

This is one reason why we created HELLO STAGE. It is a perfect platform for young but also established musicians to promote themselves in a much more subtle way. We have hundreds of promoters and managers on HELLO STAGE who regularly go to our homepage to see what is new. They also follow us on social media and sometimes ring us for recommendations.

So, what do you need to do if you want to be seen by managers, conductors and promoters?

1. Create a HELLO STAGE page and make sure that you fill in all the sections. Very important is your repertoire, your major concerts over the last few years, your upcoming concerts and videos
2. Regularly update your HELLO STAGE page. Add a news item, a video, a photo or so every two to three weeks. This will get you to our front-page regularly
3. Write about your activities, not only concerts, on social media and use the hashtag #classicalbuzz. We and many others follow that hashtag and sometimes also share news of that hashtag
4. Use HELLO STAGE but also every personal meeting to build your professional network. Manage it with HELLO STAGE so that you stay in contact with people you met. Often new concerts come from these kind of contacts

You can also see what others are doing on HELLO STAGE. Have a look around. You also can contact us anytime.

Promoting yourself is not about adding to the dangerously high piles of unread information on the desks of promoters and managers, but about building an off- and online network and giving everyone the opportunity to see what you are up to. It is not about push marketing but about pull.
Author: Bernhard Kerres
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