Da Ponte goes to Russia

Over 1,000 kilometers east of Moscow is Perm, a town many of us might not have heard of yet. But wait, they have an opera house there - The Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. The artistic director is Teodor Currentzis, who has already conducted the Vienna Philharmonic in 2013. Born in Greece he studied in St. Petersburg and made Russia his home.

Currentzis started on a journey with Perm to perform all of Mozart’s Da Ponte Opera. Would I look to Perm for a new Da Ponte Cycle? Not necessarily. Someone handed me the recording of Le Nozze da Figaro, not the favorite of the three. I was mesmerized. The music was extremely lively, transparent, and made me stop doing or thinking anything else but listening to all the many details of their music making.

Recently the recording of Così fan tutte was released. The same, probably even stronger sensation from the very first notes of the overture. Intense music making without any compromises. Amazing.

Certainly both recordings boast a cast of amazing singers – Simone Kermes, Malena Ernman, Christopher Maltman, Kennet Tarver, Konstantin Wolff, Anna Kasyan, Andrei Bondarenko, Fanie Antonelou, and Christian van Horn.

But I also enjoyed the live streaming of Perm’s Don Giovanni. I am not necessarily someone sitting in front of my computer for hours to watch a movie, concert or opera. But this Don Giovanni is the grand finale of Perm’s Da Ponte Cycle. I cannot wait to have the recording in my hand!

So, Figaro and Così might be a wonderful listening over the holidays!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Le Nozze di Figaro
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Così fan tutte

Author: Bernhard Kerres
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