Alessandro Crudele

Credits: Filming: Diamonddogfilms

Alessandro Crudele conducts the JPO

A short documentary about Alessandro Crudele's critically acclaimed visit to South Africa.

Typical comments from critics included, "This was virtuoso playing of the most refined sort" (Artslink), "He had flexibility, a gift for a neat rhythmic swerve, and a sense of timing" (Pretoria News), and "Crudele's ingrained exploration of the music's inner textures made the reading even more stimulating." The Citizen wrote, "Crudele drew a huge dynamic range from the players, from a whisper to a roar," and finally, "The fourth and final season of 2010 will be remembered by the quite amazing debut of the young Italian conductor Alessandro Crudele" (Artslink).

The footage was filmed during the last concert of the Johannesburg Philharmonic's 2010 season.
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