Yury Martynov


Yury Martynov.
The pianist who plays symphonies. 

Mail: ymart1@yandex.ru
Facebook: www.facebook.com/martynovofficial
Twitter: @yury_martynov

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Short Profile

NameMartynov, Yury
Date of Birth1969-01-24
Born inRussia, Europe
Home LocationMoscow, Russia
Main languageRussian
Additional languages French,  English 
attended UniversitiesMoscow State Conservatory

... Martynov is absolutely superb!
 Musicweb International,

...Yury Martynov on his old Blüthner can stand amongst the best of any recordings on newer instruments, and as a performance in sounds that would have been home turf to its creator this has to be a leading choice."

(Dominy Clement)
Yury Martynov plays Medtner piano Concerto
Nikolai Medtner, Piano concerto #1

Yury Martynov - piano
New Russia Symphony Orchestra
Condutor Alexander Sladkovsky 

LIVE from Great hall of Moscow Conservatory

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BEETHOVEN/LISZT Symphony No 9 Piano Transcription
""Yury Martynov is one of the few pianists around with the technical resources, musical grasp and conviction to recreate this legacy persuasively. In doing so, he amply demonstrates its continued usefulness and vitality. It seems safe to say that he has given us the Beethoven-Liszt cycle for our time, and one unlikely soon to be superseded.""
(Patrick Rucker)
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BEETHOVEN - transcriptions by Franz Liszt - Yury Martynov on a Erard piano (1837) - Album TRAILER
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MOZART - Sonata in D Major K. 448 I. Allegro con spirito - ALEXEI LUBIMOV / YURY MARTYNOV
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PROKOFIEV - Sonatas Nos.5&6 - Pensées Op.62 - Music For Children Op.65 - YURY MARTYNOV
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a pianistic tour de force in Martynov's hands
""It took a persuasive letter from his publisher to get him to finish what he had started, and the result, in Martynov's exceptional hands, is thrilling and remarkable. It's no substitute for the splendours of the original, of course, but it is an authentic musical experience in its own right, and a real pianistic tour de force. The double fugue at the climax of the finale is especially dazzling, and Martynov's handling of it equally remarkable, and in all four movements there are details usually obscured in orchestral performances which come to light, thanks to his meticulous phrasing and colouring of every bar.""
(Andrew Clements)
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L'oreille de Liszt, les doigts de Martynov et les couleurs de son piano historique exaltent la grandeur visionnaire de Beethoven.

Un piano, deux pianos, avec ou sans chœur ? ", demande la Symphonie n° 9. Yuri Martynov, au terme de son intégrale, la plus aboutie et la plus originale de la discographie, répond par le Blüthner de 1867 de la collection d'Edwin Beunk qu'il avait déjà choisi pour des Symphonies nos 3 et 8 qui ne nous avaient pas totalement convaincus. Alors que nous pensions entendre une lecture d'une grande clarté polyphonique, nous sommes surpris par la puissance sonore.
Faites le test : passez alternativement d'une version symphonique (sur instruments anciens) à cette transcription. On confond rapidement les deux. Le rebond des percussions, la frénésie des étagements sonores, le souffle épique, l'héroïsme trépidant, la virtuosité du rubato même, la projection du chant dans l'Adagio, l'illusion des crescendos dans le finale... Il y a dans cette lecture autant de mystère que d'ardeur spirituelle. On franchit ainsi les portes du romantisme à l'époque de Liszt et de Habenek, le chef français dont Wagner disait que lui seul restituait la grandeur des symphonies de Beethoven. Quel orchestre ! Pardon : quel pianiste !

(Stéphane Friédérich)
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