William Goldstein

composer, piano, conductor

William Goldstein has been a recording artist for both Motown records and CBS Masterworks. He has over 50 albums currently available. He has scored over 50 Movie and Television projects, including Fame and The Miracle Worker. He has written on the arts for The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times.
He has been a pioneer in the use of computers and electronic instruments in  music. His most distinguishing characteristic as a composer/ pianist is his gift of "Instant Composition", which he is exploring in many diverse ways and sharing with audiences through Master Classes, recitals and Albums.

Since he became President of the jury in the first competition in "Instant Music Composition" in well over 100 years at the Transatlantyk Festival in Poznan Poland in August 2011,  he has become one ofthe  most prominent creators of non-Jazz improvised contemporary composition, both in live perfromance and on recordings.

He gives Master Classes and recitals in The Art of "Instant Composition", creating compositions in real time in front of the audience. Some of the most famous practitioners of instant composition are Bach, Mozart, Handel, Scarlatti, Lizt, Chopin, Gershwin...and more recently Keith Jarrett. Improvising since the age of 4, Goldstein has the ability to sit at a piano and create instant compositions. Unlike Jazz improv which is built around an existent structure, he starts with nothing and creates a complete piece, with form and structure....from scratch.

 He improvises ballets with dancers, and creates musical conversations with singers. He scores short films in concert, playing from the first frame of picture, as he watches the film with the audience for the first time. When the film has finished, there exists a complete score.


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Classic Motown Artist unites with Wings guitarist in spirit of Classical Masters 10. Jun 2016

William Goldstein, celebrated here on the newly updated Classic Motown site, later became an artist on CBS Masterworks, scored over 50 Movie and TV projects, including Fame and The Miracle Worker, and now has his own label distributed by The Orchard. His catalog generates over 500,000 streams monthl...

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Instant Composition Explained
William Goldstein speaks concisely about the Art of Improvised Composition and his philosophy of music, at the Screen & Sound Festival in Krakow Poland. This interview was recorded March 22, 2013. Many thanks to the Multi Art Academy in Cracow and their talented students for creating this video! Download Instant Composition!

Isn't It Romantic https://play.spotify.com/search/william%20goldstein%20Isn't%20it%20romantic
On A Summer Afternoon https://play.spotify.com/album/1WGd7zIO6wpKBRYdBjG1O1
In The Moment https://play.spotify.com/album/6LwQIgMQ7nwwxX31CLnHZQ
First Impressions
Soul Scapes https://play.spotify.com/album/5WHdNK1EtsTxOxNtmndiuD 
Marie-Laure: Instant Composition
Inspired by Anthony Doerr's All the Light We Cannot See, the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction, William Goldstein sat down at the piano after reading this wonderful novel, and out came this theme based on the heroine of the book, Marie-Laure. A piece that comes out as a whole is regarded as a gift. Mr. Goldstein shares the gift with you all. It is the first track on his new album, INSTANT COMPOSITION, released on January 5, 2016. It is the seventh album of improvised compositions that Mr. Goldstein has released. Several of these improvised compositions are published by Edition Peters, and reside side-by-side with Mr. Goldstein's conventionally composed compositions.

The last picture in the video is William Goldstein with the young Belgian actress Pili Groyne, who won the best actress award at the 2015 Catalonian International Film Festival, for her starring role in The Brand-New Testament, the Belgian entry into the 2015 Oscar race. She also appeared in Two Days, One Night.