Wendelin Bitzan

composer, piano
Composer, pianist, and researcher in music. Teaches music theory at German universities, occasionally performs in public as a pianist, passionately talks and writes about music, and resides in Berlin with his family.
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Short Profile

NameBitzan, Wendelin
Date of Birth1982-05-10
Born inGermany, Europe
Main languageGerman
Additional languages English,  Russian 
attended UniversitiesUniversity of the Arts Berlin

INTRODUCTION AND WALTZ for solo piano (2001)
Wendelin Bitzan, piano

Written in July 2001 | EV 28
Live recorded in Berlin, May 2010 by Wendelin Bitzan

Free score available @
KAMMERDIALOG. Conversation for piano trio (2008)
Tina Kim, violin
Tatiana Himmelsbach, cello
Michèle Gurdal, piano

Written in September 2008 | EV 44
Recorded in Berlin, March 2012 by Teresa Kunz

Free score available @