Wendelin Bitzan

composer, piano
Composer, pianist, and researcher in music. Teaches music theory at German universities, occasionally performs in public as a pianist, passionately talks and writes about music, and resides in Berlin with his family.
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Short Profile

NameBitzan, Wendelin
Date of Birth1982-05-10
Born inGermany, Europe
Main languageGerman
Additional languages English,  Russian 
attended UniversitiesUniversity of the Arts Berlin

KAMMERDIALOG. Conversation for piano trio (2008)
Tina Kim, violin
Tatiana Himmelsbach, cello
Michèle Gurdal, piano

Written in September 2008 | EV 44
Recorded in Berlin, March 2012 by Teresa Kunz

Free score available @
INTRODUCTION AND WALTZ for solo piano (2001)
Wendelin Bitzan, piano

Written in July 2001 | EV 28
Live recorded in Berlin, May 2010 by Wendelin Bitzan

Free score available @