WU WEI I Sheng


Born in 1970 in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, WU WEI is considered to be the world's leading avant-garde sheng (Chinese mouth-organ) soloist – a 4000-year old Chinese folk instrument.

Besides winning many prestigious national and international competitions for traditional Chinese music, he won the first prize in the German music competition "Musica Vitale" in 1996 and 2002. In 2004, he won the German folk prize "Global Root" for extraordinary achievement on the German music scene as an international musician.


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WU WEI at Cité de la Musique I World Premiere Jukka Tiensuu "Hehkuu"
2014-05-21 Resmusica, Paris
""Wu Wei completely forms a unit with his instrument, tie of his sheng some sounds of an amazing sumptuousness.""
(Michèle Tosi)
REVIEW from 2014-05-21  
with the Los Angeles Philharmonic – Conductor: Gustavo Dudamel
Unsuk Chin's Concerto for Sheng and Orchestra – US Premiere