Vladimir Vasiliev

baritone or bass voice
" Opera "Jalil" for Mezzo channel
Playing Kovalev in the opera "Jalil" for Mezzo channel. April, 2015.
Zuniga and Carmen ( the tour on the Netherlands 2015)
After the performance of "Carmen" by G. Bizet in Horn ( the Netherlands). Vladimir Vasiliev (Zuniga) and Angelica Scheachka (Carmen).
Ferrando in "Il trovatore"
Vladimir Vasiliev in "Il Trovatore" by G. Verdi.
Vladimir Vasiliev (bass)
Vladimir Vasiliev (bass)
In the role of Pimen "Boris Godunov"
Pimen in "Boris Godunov". 
Raimondo in "Lucia di Lammermoor"
Vasiliev is singing Raimondo in the opera by G. Donizetti.
Eugene Nesterenko and Vladimir Vasiliev (Wien, 2009)
The photo with a famous Russian bass E. Nesterenko, the soloist of the Bolshoy Theatre.
Marullo ("Rigoletto")
The scene with Marullo. Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre.
Gazrail in "The poet's love"
Vladimir Vasiliev as Gazrail in Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kazan.
Video / Audio
Gazrail from "The poet's love" by R. Akhiyarova
Vladimir Vasiliev is playing Gazrail from the contemprorary  Tatar opera "The poet's love" by R. Akhiyarova.
Farlaf's rondo from "Ruslan and Ludmila" by M. Glinka
Vladimir Vasiliev is singing  Farlaf's rondo from "Ruslan and Ludmila". Moscow, 2006.
Recitative and aria of Raimondo "Cedi, cedi, o piu..."
Vladimir Vasiliev sings Raimondo from "Lucia di Lammermoor" in Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre. 
Vladimir Vasiliev as Pimen in "Boris Godunov" (M.Musorgsky)
Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kazan. 03.12.2014.